This week: 26 October 2016

We are in full Halloween swing around here! I explained "trick-or-treat" to Wade and now he says it at every door - store doors, our front door, bedroom doors - I didn't even explain the whole getting candy thing, just that you say "trick-or-treat" at doors. And I've been making costumes! We decided weeks ago what we were going to be, so of course I'm being a maniac sewing them all this week. I put in a zipper for the first time, and now I've put in three! They are not pretty - hurray for practicing and making mistakes on costumes.

We took family pictures this week and it's the best set we've ever done! I used my fine sewing skills on a dress that I thrifted - and even though there was nothing correct about my methods, it looks so good! And better that I can wear it now vs. have it in my project closet until I give up and donate it.

Wade's been telling my NO. Testing those waters, apparently.

I had pink eye last week. Husband stayed home to help with the kids in hopes that everyone wouldn't get it. He ended up taking a mammoth nap and woke up just as I got all our humans down for naps....so, that was helpful. But at least I could watch one of "our" shows in the middle of the afternoon with him. And I think he made dinner, I really can't remember, I'm such a grateful wife. Miraculously, no one else got it! Hurray.

We (Husband) put up Christmas lights this weekend! All the kids were happy to help. We've been having the warmest fall, loving it. Just ignoring what comes after fall, no need to ruin the now.

And Jacqueline kept bee-lining for the street! What gives? This girl is always trying to escape the front door and get to the street. I sat her on the pavement when no cars were coming and she just giggled - happy as can be.

Wade is always happy to keep sisters in line.

Blake's become a sneaky little thief. She'll have something in her hand, drop it and steal whatever Jacqueline has. Then Jac has to melt down because whatever toy Blake stole was definitely the key to her happiness. Blake acts all oblivious and innocent, but I swear she knows. She totally knows.

All of my kids have become progressively more obsessed with belly buttons - everyone's lifting up everyone else's shirts around here. Jac and Wade both think my belly button is hilarious, they'll pull up my shirt and start laughing - it's doing wonders for my self-esteem. At some point Wade decided it looked like a door bell, so now he rings my belly button. So weird.

Wade's been into describing his game plan and then saying, "that be fun?" Things like, "I get clean diaper, lay down couch, you get my milk and I watch trucks. That be fun?" It almost sounds like he's asking if it's fine, but I've checked, he's saying fun. And every single nap and bed time he has to broken record repeat, "I wake up, I go back bed. I wake up, I go back bed. I wake up, I go back bed. That be fun?"

Found Wade some water colors. Quickly we were left with brown. My ridiculous mommy heart wants to frame every single thing he makes - but I really might with this one.

Gah, it's 10:10 and Wade is still awake. Got to go deal with that little stinker. And after that, I'm eating a cookie, cause I'm the mom and I can do what I want (as long as what I want isn't sleeping in, going to the bathroom by myself, or running a quick errant). And aren't these the cutest?

Next week - pictures of Halloween costumes!! That is my singular goal for this entire week - get pictures!

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