This week: 2 November 2016

Halloween was so. much. fun. My one goal this year was to get pictures. I succeeded. Plus, look at these cute humans and costumes and I made! All around win.

The kids were Pokemon and we were trainers. Gotta catch-em all! But really, we've caught enough. And my bathroom is coated in a thin layer of orange aerosol powder.

This picture perfectly sums up everyone's personality right now. Jacqueline's happy and laughing about everything. Blake is always looking innocent and precious. And Wade is thinking about all the things he wants to do that are more important than smiling in pictures for mom.

Jac loved holding her poke-ball pumpkin - she held it the entire time during both trunk or treat and trick or treating, she needed it! I ended up putting her to bed with it on Halloween night. Gotta do what you gotta do. And she loved the candy - only not as candy, she loved them as brightly colored, crinkly toys.

Blake figured out that chewing on wrappers sometimes got sugary goodness out. Her poke-ball pumpkin was full of very slobbery, sticky messes. Watching her walk around in her puffy little costume definitely made it onto the short list of my favorite things about this Halloween. 

That is one serious charmander. He loved his tail. He had to pick it up and carry it everywhere - it still managed to drag in the gutter most the night. He thought trick or treating was a blast and was so polite, just wooing all the neighbors. 

Husband and I made a deal that I got all the Milky Ways and Milk Duds, while he got all the Reese's and 3 Musketeers. The first 3 houses we hit gave each of our kids a Reese's! Lucky. So lucky. We didn't get a single Milky Way or Milk Dud. Guess I'll have to go buy them on post-Halloween clearance. 

In non-holiday news of the week, well...there isn't much. I raked a bunch of leaves today, but husband had planned to mow them up and catch them in the bag anyway - it was at least fun to be out on a gorgeous fall day and have Wade help me. 

Wade woke up last night several times from 3-5. It was terrible. He just wanted to get up and play. We finally got him back to sleep and then he slept in until 9:00 am! The girls slept until 8:15. It was amazing. Husband had to get up and go to the gym before work, but I got glorious hours of morning sleep! Morning sleep is the absolute best. 

This morning I gave Wade some pop, which he drank quickly (probably cause I gave him 2 sips worth) and I hear him start to freak out/whine/lament and say to himself, "Oh no, I drink it all! It gone!!" It was so pathetic. And cute. He's frequently pathetic and cute. 

Also, we got a huge box (diapers, duh) and it's been a huge hit. Jac likes to sit in it while she sips her milk. Wade has to put all his toys in it and push it around. And they all have to sit in it. Has the time started when boxes are the coolest? Totally wrapping up empty boxes for the kids for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas - is it too early to start decorating? Imma take your silence as approval, doing it. 

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