This week: 16 November 2016

I took amazing pictures this week:

I have about 45 of this shot of my floor. But I also got about 17 variations of this: 

Cute two year old selfie. 

At least he's cute in pictures, cause in real life he's only cute about 63% of the time (which, I feel like is a pretty good percentage). He's back at waking up super early, which is sort of okay since his waking up doesn't require us to get up right away, but when we do get up he's already used all his "alone time" and he's a short little bundle of obnoxious. His poor sisters. And he's really into telling me no. He's been into this for a while, but it's escalating, along with my temper - cause getting frustrated at a two year old telling you "no" is seriously so logical. But really, he's so cute! Maybe even 75% of the time - that feels like pushing it. 

Wade can count to 20! Sometimes it goes 16, 19, 17, 20, but we're working on it. Every night we count his teeth while I brush them so he can practice. And after bedtime he counts Husband and I out of the room, I have no idea how this started - but he counts 1-10 to Husband in Portuguese and then he counts backwards from 10 for me (ending with 3, 2, 1... BLAST OFF!!!). 

All three kids gets so excited when Husband comes home. This week, especially, the girls just want Daddy when he walks through the door. I'll be holding one and they practically lunge out of my arms for him. 

Okay, and one more of almost the same shot, but both girls are looking at the camera! 

Jacqueline has been crawling the goofiest - and she knows she's being silly, she'll look at you to make sure you're watching and giggle. She likes to wiggle her head and butt and hum! Also, she's been crawling backwards and in circles. She definitely thinks she's the funniest thing ever...which she kinda is.

On a non-funny note: these girls haven't been going to sleep at night! Don't they realize that my love for them decreases immensely after 7:00 pm? They've been transitioning to one nap a day, which is going medium smooth, but by bedtime they're losing their minds, and then they don't fall asleep! The last few nights we just get them back up and they're happier than they are day! Maybe they're just happy to play with all the toys with big brother asleep. It's got to be teething. Always blame it on teething (but really, Blake got 4 new molars in the last two weeks!).

Wade found where we keep the movies and every day he's been bringing my movies from the Toy Story trilogy to watch. I always hear about kids latching onto shows and it makes me happy to see him loving a show. He tells me all about the Dinosaur, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (who he calls mommy and daddy potato head), and Ken. So cute. Him making towers out of all our movies and freaking out when his sister's knocking it over, not so cute.

Both girls (especially Jacqueline) have been all about climbing up on our rocking chairs. I find them upstairs in their room or ours sitting in a chair together wiggling to make it rock back and forth. Course, this only occurs if I've remembered to put the dog food up - if that's down, who cares about rocking chairs?! Blake goes for the dog food (she literally will smack her lips when she sees it!) and Jac goes straight for the water (she goes through clothes like crazy).

Blake continues to be the sneakiest little thief - well, she's not sneaking, she's actually rather brazen. She's gotten really good at taking her item and skirting away so fast, often before Jac has even started crying.

Oh! Jac's started standing on her own! Granted, it's like 5 seconds at a time, but she's doing it! And she loves when I help her walk and she screeches at me when I let her go. So demanding that one.

If you kneel down and hold your arms open for Blake, she'll walk to you, start giggling and collapse into your arms for a bear hug. It's my favorite. Come visit me and have your heart melted.

In other news, we got a new dining table. The chairs are terrible, that's my next venture. The table is narrower than our last one, so it's on trial until we decide if we like it. In the meantime we'll be using both tables plus a card table when we host 23 people for Thanksgiving! Kind of excited - I got stuff to decorate the tables, cause that's my thing, it's going to be adorable. Speaking of, my basement needs some attention before people come in town, that place has an annoying habit of deteriorating into mayhem.

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  1. Lol! it's so hard to get a decent picture with kiddos! I know just how you feel!