This week: 9 November 2016

Just me, trying to go to the bathroom.

Husband went on a brothers trip to a NASCAR race in Texas, so I was flying solo for four days. We survived - even if we were rather recluse.

Before Husband left he took a half day so I could go get my hair done. Isn't he kinda great? Almost as great as my hair!! A good 6 inches gone.

And then there's Blake's hair.

That's what happened when you rub your breakfast banana through your hair.

I had a cold - probably a great time for Husband to skip town. Nothing like a cold to make you truly value the simple blessing of being able to breathe through both nostrils.

The girls are transitioning to one nap a day. It isn't going well. They aren't tired enough for two naps, but also can't handle not napping twice...such a special time. That, along with daylight savings - they're so messed up. They haven't made it passed 5:34 pm this week.

All the time they're awake they are busy! So stinking busy.

Jac continues to demand that you make a lap for her at all times, but now she shoves books in your face until you read them to her. Sometimes she shoves them in your face while reading them. A lot of Brown Bear, Brown Bear around here these days.

Jacquline is the tireder (is that a word) of the two - I think she could do two naps still - so she's frequently getting her fragile feelings devastatingly hurt, which equates to lots of distracting snacks. It doesn't help that Blake has to steal whatever Jac's holding - so many opportunities to get hurt feelings.

They continue taking to my cupboards.

I've left a spot empty for them. Okay, okay, they cleared it out themselves and I really need to grocery shop. I feel like I always need to grocery shop.

And they've taken to stealing cans - I have no idea how no toes have been smashed.

This week was Stake Conference and I was a spectacle. The kind of spectacle that made people get up out of their seats to tell me that they think I'm brave. They say brave, I think crazy. But I did it, and feel proud of myself. I can even tell you two of the speakers and some of the topics.

Today I went to IKEA, well, just to the parking lot. I got everyone ready and out the door and there by 9:15, too bad it opens at 10:00. The girls were already starting to lose it, so I just went home. Blake fell asleep in her carseat (never happens!) and I SUCCESSFULLY moved her to her crib! They took a good nap (a good nap if it were 1 of 2...okay, I'm harping on the whole thing) then they woke up as I shut the door to Wade's door after laying him down for his nap. I had sleeping children for 7 hours today - I am trapped!

I introduced Wade to our letter magnets. He's been sorting colors and matching up letters - and letting me know that my handwriting is difficult for a three year old.

We've been having ridiculously warm weather - 70's in Minnesota in November. Wade and I have been outside every day doing yard work - he's been living in our massive leaf pile. Today he refused shoes - we have a new pair of white socks with perfect black footprints on them for forever. And I look like I've been attacked by a clowder of cats, but I've really been trying to wrangle my raspberry briar patch. Feels so good - not the scratches, those hurt, but the clearing things out - that feels good.

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