This week: 14 December 2016

This week has been a doozy. I feel like I'm always saying that. We either have nothing going on or we're run ragged.

Let's start off with a cute picture of this booger, because he turned 3 and turned into a serious booger. I swear that no matter what I say to him, he hears, "do whatever you want! If it feels right, do it!"

Thursday night Wade dumped 3 years worth of food into Husband's fish tank. We were up all night trying to clean out the tank and doing water changes. Since then he's changed out over 160 gallons of water and lost about 75% of his corals, but luckily no fish. And, oh my gracious, it all smelled so bad! We're almost safely on the other side, a few more days and Husband says he'll feel pretty confident that he's done losing stuff. To top off that night, Jac kept waking up and we just figured she was having a tough time sleeping - I finally went in around 2 am and she had pooped and had the worse diaper rash she's ever had! I felt so bad! What a mom fail.

We finally got snow this week! And a lot of it. Husband used our snow blower for this first time and Wade happily hung out eating snow and watching his daddy. Wade is loving the snow, every morning he wakes up and tells me (again) all about the snow outside. We go sledding down the small, perfect toddler sized, hill by our house and then I pull Wade up, which he might like more than going down with me. Every time we go somewhere I have to make sure I get Wade strapped into his carseat right after I get his shoes on, otherwise he'll dash right out into the snow - on Sunday I got him all ready for church, he went and sat in the snows and then laughed hysterically at the butt print he made.

The girls are into climbing. Specifically climbing up, down is trickier - especially for Jacqueline, she's often shrieking out her death scream because she can't figure out how to get down, even though her feet are dangling an inch above the ground. I have to keep the kitchen step stool up because they've figured out that they can move it where they want, then climb it - this obviously has caused some trauma to the toddler.

I have to be extra careful to put away all knives! But brother's abandoned eggs are up for grabs.

They're also into my kitchen, still. I told Jac to not play with the stove knobs and she got offended. Meanwhile, Blake found herself some oil (she loves finding large things to try carrying, Wade used to do the same thing).

The new game (is it new? I suppose they've just moving on cause I've been putting locks on cupboards) is dumping everything out everywhere. This week it's been the shoes and snow gear. I have a strong desire to get rid of everything and keep one pair of shoes for everyone. I  mean, except me, of course - mama can have as many shoes as she wants.

Look at the Jac on her shoe throne:

I think I mentioned last week that Wade got Cars for his birthday. I think we've watched it...20+ times. I mean, it is good. I still find myself stopping and watching my favorite parts.

Yesterday I told Wade to come eat and he responded, "I still paying! I too busy!"

Yesterday Blake woke up smothered and covered in puke. So pleasant. Am I the worst mom because I feel grateful that at least she still got a good night sleep? Now I'm anxiously waiting for everyone else to get sick - thus far we're good, but it leaves me on pins and needles. That, along with the fish tank fiasco...really ready to be on the other end of this week. Oh, and remember how we all got food poisoning a few weeks ago? Our house is a none stop party.

Jac has been walking more. Not really walking, just taking more steps. She's up to 10 steps at at time!

There's this stupid song that Wade found on YouTube called the finger family song - we sing it all the time. Well, now he calls his fingers his finger family (obviously not a a stretch) and every time he puts on his gloves he says that his finger families are hiding. It's adorable. He also decided he's five because it's easier to hold up 5 fingers versus 3 fingers.

The girls are also into climbing into baskets. I guess that's still climbing. I swear they're part cats.

Wade got into it today and made a basket train for them.

He also introduced this girls to the piano this week. Before they've never been able to reach it. I love seeing them play together - even if hearing it is less enjoyable.

Pants are always optional around here. I mean, if you're 3 and under.

They also manage to coexist in the bathroom. Sometimes, Wade either shows them how to create chaos or shoves them out and slams the door in their face.

They crash him going potty and he crashes their baths.

Last picture - I think I need to start a series of things I find places (note to self, come up with a funny tag line):

Blake's socks stuck in her bottle.

I was reading Wade my favorite Christmas story (The Red Ranger Came Calling) and I started thinking about how so many Christmas stories revolve around the lack of belief in Santa Claus and how it has caused him to cease being able to do magic. There suddenly was a clear connection for me between Santa stories and that of the true reason for the season. We live in a time when miracles, by and large, have ceased because of unbelief - by lack of faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. Imagine a world where more believed - where those who believed acted according to their faith. What if I did. Also - I totally teared up and felt home sick reading cause all I could hear as I spoke was my mom's voice.

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