This week: 21 December 2016

I'm 30! Yesterday was my birthday and it was great. Well, as great as it can be while being a full time mom; kids don't understand birthdays. But they did all sleep through the night and in to a reasonable time, I'll take it! We also started getting out new windows in that day, felt like somehow they're my birthday present, and I'm okay with that (they're looking so good!).

Wade has loved having a huge "tractor" in our yard to do the windows. And he loves saying hi to the "guys." Although, he fell asleep in the car today and was freaked out when he went inside and there were still guys there, who cares that he's said hi to him multiple times. 

Jac and Blake got their Christmas quilts from Mama: 

They're gorgeous, my mom really outdid herself. And the girls love, love, love them! I laid them down and the girls just sat on them for forever. And Wade obviously had to get in on it and load them with toys:

Wade's been talking all week about his bees and pineapples. To be honest, I was getting worried he was crazy. Finally figured out he was talking about the pinecones in the trees. Also, talking about bees too, cause what's a three year old without a little crazy.

Wade's also started back talking. Telling him to do something, he responds, "Nope!" Telling him he can't do something - he says "Yes, I can!" Thank goodness he's also started saying, "Yes please," in the most adorable voice.

The girls continue to climb:

One (me) must be constantly aware of placement of all things, like boxes on the floor and anything on the table or counters. (Notice Cars on in the background. We've averaging 3x a day. Wade has to talk about what Lightning McQueen is doing the whole time "he say cheese" "he talkin' to Harv" "he racing.")

We got Wade stools so he can wash his hands in the bathroom. Worse decision of my life. Wade washes his hands all day long (and had an allergic reaction to the soap and has a rash all over his face). And the girls, obviously, have to climb them. Carry them everywhere. Scream when their sister isn't letting them on. Scream when their sister is trying to get on. Scream when they get on and can't get off. 

Blake is always on the counter. Scavenging for food - she liked the orange peel more than the orange.  And playing with the monitor - when she hears her sister wake up she gets so excited - okay, it happened once, but it was adorable. 

Speaking of scavenging for food, she keeps finding dirt to eat. And dog food. Why?!

Oh, and finding leftover breakfast. She got this french toast off the counter for her and Blake to share - I kept looking at them to see big pieces of bread hanging out of their mouths. Today she pulled the same thing with pancakes. You'd think I should be better at putting stuff away, but I kinda love it. Oh, she also ate dinner on Sunday while Jac slept, then wanted to eat again when Jac ate - she ate for 2 hours straight! This baby is hungry! 

They both love second dinners any time they can swing it. 

Okay, lots of pictures of Blake this week. It's because she's getting into mischief while Wade washes his hands and Jac insists on me making a lap of her. But here is a solo picture of Jac: 

She kept dripping her milk of the floor so she could lick it off the floor. Glad both girls are equally nasty. Oh, and this chunky is now in size 5 diapers! Wade wore diapers until he was almost three and never got into size  diapers!! 

We yell at Stella when she barks and the girls have started mimicking us and yelling at Stella too. Now whenever Stella barks there is a chorus of people telling her to be quiet. 

Wade started telling us to take deep breaths. At the randomest of times, "Mommy, daddy, need take deep breath. Like dis." 

We also had our first good cold snap this week (-35!) and we got snow dumped on us. Husband was helping a friend insulate their attic, so I used our snow blower all by myself for the first time! 

Two hats and my hood. I've started singing to my coat, a new low (hello parka, my old friend. Back to wearin' you again. You hood muffles everything around, so all I hear is the sound, of silence). 

Between sick kids, toddler back talk, toddler pushing, babies climbing up and not down, the crashing fish tank, construction on the house, 12 immunizations, extreme cold and buckets of snow....we're exhausted. Burnt out and exhausted. So much so that we battle for who gets to do the dishes cause the other has to play jungle gym to the kids. I feel like I should put some form of positive antidote here, but I've got nothing. I love my kids. They're adorable. That's the best I could do. 

We're almost ready for Christmas here. Wade has been helping me make Christmas cookies, including the little known Christmas puffer fish that Wade insisted we make (that'll be a new tradition). And mostly I'm super excited for my sister to get in on the 24th. Wade's been talking all about Aunt Lizzy coming to stay at his house. She's made it onto the rotation with Lightning McQueen and his bees. 

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