This week: 18 January 2017

This stupid little triangle of space behind the playhouse in our living room is quite the hot spot. Which of course includes a lot of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Wade stole all the silverware - well, plasticware, so the entire playhouse has been a disaster for any girl to step inside. 

And there is no plasticware in the drawer and I get more exercise walking to the playhouse 19 times a day and get to deal with a melting toddler because I took his toys so he could have the fork he asked for. 

Blake did manage to pilfer some spoons without the big bad brother noticing. Possibly Wade didn't notice since she hide them in Husband's boots. The weird things I find. 

Like finding a Wade counting on his finger in his book holder. 

Or the Blake in a toy basket. Okay, this one isn't that weird...or at least abnormal, the girls are ALWAYS in these baskets. Or laundry baskets or the shoe basket or an empty drawer or a full drawer or shoe box. Containers big enough to be climbed into are important.

Last week I told you about Charley. It's not just the kids who are big fans: 

This week has been a rough one. This whole winter has been rough. Seasonal Affective Disorder has hit hard! Friends that have lived here for years say that they've been having a rough time. Anyway, I think it's even affecting my kids - Wade specifically. He needs to get out of the house more, see the sun, play in the snow (currently it's slush, dirty from the window construction, with a thick sheet of ice underneath). He's the most polite little boy, but I cannot tell with his crazy cabin fever. 

Okay, instead of going on about how much he's driving me crazy, I should go on about how adorable he is right now (even if he is pushing my buttons like he's doing it on purpose). When I can I take Wade with me solo on errands, Cub is a favorite cause it has mini carts. 

I told you we were desperate to get out of the house. His vocabulary is blowing up! And his imagination is starting to come into play. On Monday a tow truck came to pick up Husband's car and Wade was so excited that Tow Mater came to his house to, "Take Daddy car to paint it red and make it Lightning McQueen." And he's become a quite the cheerleader, continuously telling me, "Good job, Mommy! You did it!" for things like closing the garage door (which I have to ask him permission to do, so he doesn't freak out) or going to the bathroom. He also says crazy polite things like, "Thank you verrrry much!" Where did he learn that?

We also decided to go to the zoo! We got everyone in the car, just to find out it closed at 4. Lame. So we went to Costco instead.

It's January, so they have their hot tubs and furniture out. Read: toddler playground. Biggest bathtub ever seen (everything is still the biggest/strongest/fastest/scariest/funniest thing ever seen). 

And the girls got to test out their new shoes. I realized this week that my girls have never walked around outside! Isn't that crazy? Costco is the closest they've gotten. And we were pretty much the celebrities of the place.

Blake has enough hair for pig tails!!! I love them. I might love her hair the day after even more, so hilarious. Really, her having more hair just means that it's always a wreck. I don't know how to keep my children groomed. But also, these dresses. They love them! Getting them on was half an episode cause they kept trying to play with the tu-tu's while getting them on. They don't have lots of frilly stuff, but maybe they should.

I can't get over Jac reading books in her corner.

With Husband's car in the shop (it was under warranty!) we've been stuck at home even more (we're dying). But today I took Husband to work so we could get out and play with friends, which means that I had to wake kids up three different times to get where we needed to go on time (or a little late. Always a little late). Waking kids up is my least favorite things. Not one of my least favorite things, but my least favorite thing. At least I got to peek at these adorable kids. Oh, and you can't see it in this picture, but he's wearing plaid shorts that he had to borrow after an accident and they look like a kilt. He'll definitely wear them again, cause being a mom means being able to torture your kids. Just a little. Payback. 

I hate stools. 

And, last but not least, Wade being Mr. PotatoHead. He thought it was the funniest thing ever seen. It kind of was. 

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