This week: 11 January 2017

To put Wade down tonight we sang Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam and he laughed so hard that he got the hiccups. Then we had to have a tickle fest to get rid of his hiccups. So much for winding down. 

Let me introduce you to Charley. The kids got him for Christmas and I convinced Wade to name him Charley, because there is nothing cuter than a little kid saying Charley. Wade somehow got it into his room for a few weeks and we finally convinced him that Charley needs to stay downstairs. Everyone is so happy to have him around. 

Sometimes I can get away with tricking Jac into thinking that Charley's lap is sufficient.

Charley has also become part of a game called "I crush you." It involves Wade jumping on Husband to crush him, or vice versa. It also involves a lot of toddler sized elbows and knees. It's a painful game, enter Charley becoming involved. Much better.

Both girls were sick last week. I had to wake this little peanut up to take her to the doctor. But first, I had to take a picture. They've been exhausted grouchy, but finally at the end of the tunnel. I mean, until they started working on molars. 

Blake's been climbing everything and so interested in what Wade's up to.

I've put all the stools away because of her, but this week she found a animal cracker container and has been carrying it around to use as a stool. So clever. Until Wade got mad at her for interrupting his play dough time.

The kids have been playing together more. Makes me so happy. Except, Blake getting left out is pretty typical. Poor, socially awkward, baby. But then Wade takes a nap or gets distracted with something so she and Jac can be best friend/enemies.

Nothing says sibling love like sharing the hand mixer. Blake walked Jac all over the kitchen.

More Christmas presents. Cause everyone needs a red donkey to ride (really, everyone needs one - Wade and Husband both steal them on a regular basis). Oh, and the toothbrushes. These toothbrushes go everywhere. But, the real great thing about this picture is that these toys are upstairs! While Charley made it downstairs, a lot of other toys made it up (and have remained there for more than a day!).

We bought tickets to go to California in February! We'll be with Husband's family for his mom's 60th and then with my family for my dad's 60th! How nice of them to be born the same year, just a few days a part. So excited. Not excited for my kids 6 am wake up time to be translated to western time zone.

I've been attempting the Whole 30 diet. I mean, I've been failing at the Whole 30 diet. I had a donut for breakfast. Failure. But, I haven't had Dr. Pepper since Monday; I'll take that victory.

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