This week: 1 February 2017

Husband brought home donuts for tomorrow morning - cause it's groundhogs day, so if we get stuck on a loop then we'll have donuts each morning. He said that if I eat one tonight then he'll throw the rest away - an obvious empty threat....so, there are donuts on my counter...

Which, nothing is really safe on my counter right now cause:

These girls figured out how to get on these chairs, how to move them, how to turn on light switches, and open the coat closet all in about an hour.

These chairs now live on the counter most the time.

Not that the lack of chairs has stopped them:

Blake is going to be the death of me. She's way more into anything/everything than Wade ever was. And Jac is just happy to follow her lead. At least Blake is pretty good at getting into and out of her make-mommy's-heart-skip-a-beat situations.  Most the time.

Then there's Jacquline. Using her chair power to lick the defrosting hot dog package. 

Wade figured out how to do a somersault all by himself. 

We've all been sick around here. Most terrible cold I can remember - my teeth have ached for days from sinus pressure. I even tried a neti pot, which was kind of cool. I quickly learned that adding peppermint oil to the neti pot made it ...too intense. Now the girls have joined the party and Blake is a disaster, she just wants to snuggle on me (aka: wiggle endlessly on my lap and screaming in my face). The only plus is that I've had double (scream less) snuggles from my girls totally almost 45 seconds. 

Today I was taking laundry upstairs and Jac started to cry about something and I heard Wade tell her, "You need go find yous mommy." He knows who fixes all boo-boo's! But, also, he didn't want to deal with a crying sister, that he probably made cry in the first place. Which, side-note, he's actually really good at "making sisters happy."

Wade has nixed his naps most days,which has actually been nice since we've been able to get out in the afternoon (the girls take a weird 10 am nap). We've gone to the zoo twice this week and to several stores WITHOUT a stroller, cause chaos is so much fun.

We used our wagon for the first time! 

Nixing naps also means earlier bed times! Wade has been going to bed at the same time as the girls. It's amazing. Husband and I keep feeling like it's soooo late and it's actually 8:45. We've been rough housing and dancing before bed too, so everyone is super tired and ready to pass out. Course, thus far we've been using our new freedom to sleep and get over our colds. So lame.

I did get ready once this week:

 Also, there's a shoe obsession occurring at our house right now:

Glad to know they're my kids.

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