VACATION! California 2017

We just got back from a 10 day trip out to California. We spent the first few days with Husband's whole family to celebrate his mom's 60th birthday, then the middle days with my family at a beach house where we celebrated my dad's 60th, then back to husband's parents where we had a few days with just us and Nana and Papa. It was so much fun. I am so tired.

Nana and Papa have an orange tree in the backyard. Luckily there were lots of oranges, cause the kids picked a ton.

We went to a park with cousins. There was a little slide that the girls figured out how to go on by themselves and they could've played on it for eternity. 

Until Jac discovered the water. And they both loved the sand. Blake took over Wade's "sand castle" (aka sand mound) and made a quite impressive mound, after everyone left for the water. She's such a loner. Wade fell in the water and had to get striped to his underwear, causing contention among the cousins that also wanted to play in the water in their underwear. Haha, life is so unfair. 

Then we went to play with my family at an AWESOME beach house. Okay, it wasn't actually on the beach, but it was on 2 acres that had swings, and enclosed front year (perfect for two 18 month olds), chickens, a pool, huge rocks to climb on. It was way fun. And perfect cause there was plenty to do while babies napped, we weren't always waiting for them to wake up. Which, several days they took two naps - playing with cousins and outside it hard word! 

These girls were also sans high chairs all week. They thought it was the best thing ever. Jac was usually the last to leave the table, going from person to person to help them finish their plates - I knew this girl could eat, but I've never seen her down food like this!

They also took great pleasure in feeding themselves with forks and spoons. So we've reached that stage. Wonderful. 

The place also had a drum set. So that was....loud. 

One day we walked to a park that was a mile away. Well, it was a mile uphill. My girls walked most the way (Blake got blisters and threw up she worked so hard - but she wanted to, she didn't want to be carried!). And Wade threw some good tantrum that included him falling on the sidewalk and scraping his knees. Previously I told him to walk or I'd give him a spanking, so he somehow equated getting hurt with my hurting him, so the rest of the walk (hike) he kept crying, "Don't hurt me, mommy! Don't hurt me." And now when anyone has blood (like when I scratched off a zit) he asks if, "they get owie cause they fall down on sidewalk?" So that's made quite the impression.  

The "park" that we worked so hard to get to, was actually a amphitheater that had zero grass. But it had steps to climb and a Mama to sit next to. 

And a wagon ride. 

And rocks to climb. We sent someone down to get a car to take us all back. Then my kids all took a 3 hour nap. Kind of worth it.

At one point Wade threw a tantrum cause his cousins wanted to sit next to him to watch iPad with him. He was holding his iPad and everything, he just freaked out...cause he's three...and he can. So he leaves his iPad and runs over to me to throw a tantrum so I am aware of his devastation. Well, I ignore him and he starts putting his hands under my butt, then gets lazy and has to lie down and stick his feet under me, then ends up just tugging at my shirt until Uncle AJ saved him. Well, who really cares about this stupid tantrum, the best part was when he was telling Uncle AJ about it. He said, "my kids took my iPad, then I had to come over and yell 'Mommy, mommy!'" The rest of the trip we kept quoting him and yelling "mommy, mommy!"

We also had several dance parties. Everyone wanted to dance with Lily Jo. She did have the right apparel - this girl wears tu-tus all the time, it's adorable.

Blake kept managing to get people to pick her up to dance with her. 

And my brother and his wife ended up dancing with my twins, which they haven't danced with one year old twins in about 9 years (they have twin boys that just turned 10). I know, so many pictures of this dance party, but it was so fun. We also had a dance party that night complete with lights, strobe and glow sticks - but those pictures didn't turn out.

We took a family picture, which failed. Good time to learn that my knew bluetooth remote isn't the most reliable. My mom's not going to be happy. Guess we just have to get together again soon.

It was such a wonderful visit with everyone. It made me want to pick up and move to be near everyone. I hate saying goodbye when I don't know the next time I'll see someone. While giving hugs (and even now) I needed to focus on how wonderful it was. Until next time. 

Then we went back to Husband's parents. Back to the same wonderful playground. 

And we got to see Great-Grandpa John (and Great-Grandma Kay, but I didn't snag any pictures of that!).

Jac LOVED their dog Roxy. Such a good dog. The twins kept mimicking our tone when we said "good girl" and telling Roxy that she was a "good girl." Thus far they haven't had any unfortunate encounters with Stella, but she's no Roxy, so I'm sure there is one coming. Both girls did follow Stella around a lot today, so, it's coming.

While the weather wasn't super warm, and we had a bit of rain, we still got tons of sunshine that thawed my frozen soul. 

Blake was not a fan of the ocean. She would get near the waves, then when they got near her she would run away - sideways so she could keep an eye on that wily wave. 

Jac and Wade, on the other hand, LOVED the waves. Jac had zero fear of the waves, she'd walk right to the middle of the ocean if we let her. Both wave-loving kiddos would melt down every time we left the ocean. I put down Jac for a second to grab a bag and she was half way to the waves before I caught her.

While everyone did well on the flights, it was still beyond exhausting having three little kids - two of them lap children! But it was totally worth it to see everyone - I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

As soon as we got the carseats off the carousel Jac climbed right in, ready to get comfy and fall asleep. Which she did, they all did. 

I'm so grateful to be home with our high chairs and baby proofed house. And especially glad to be in my own bed - with my kids in their beds, not in our room! But it was a wonderful 10 days. 

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