This week: 26 April 2017

It's supposed to snow tonight. How rude is that? It took me about 20 seconds to get used to no socks or jackets. Ugh. And, of course, I've planted some seeds and a few are showing, so they'll probably die. Hopefully not, maybe it won't get that cold for that long. What the frost doesn't get, my kids will. But spring is here, and I'm loving it (the nice, not snowing days). And so are my kiddos. Last weekend was gorgeous, so I took my real camera out and caught some great moments of my kiddos. Prepare for picture overload:

My mom left on Saturday. We had so much fun with her here. Wade continuously talks about going to visit Mama in Reno at her house with her doggies, Fletcher and Dottie. Guess I have to save up to fly out there. Too bad I'm terrible at saving, great at getting a lot for my money...terrible at saving. Another thing kids will help me grow at. Right?!

Wade discovered the Easter clearance at Target. The kid definitely figured out the whole Easter thing and went crazy. So convenient for there to be baskets right there to fill up with candy and crap. Convinced him to put most of it back and the rest I snuck away. Excited for Christmas with this little. It's going to be crazy.

Wade bit Blake. She was a mess on Sunday morning and we couldn't figure out why. Blamed it on teething. And she's often a little stinker. Then I changed her out of her long sleeved jammies and found this perfect bite on her arm! It had to be Wade, cause Jac doesn't have that many teeth. Hopefully it doesn't happen again, or that I catch him in the act. 

The girls continue to ignore me about staying off the counter. they got themselves banana's yesterday. Later I was making dinner and Wade walked in and said, "uh-oh, we got a big problem here." I turned around and the girls had unrolled the entire roll of paper towels. Who really cares about that, just loved Wade's reaction. 

I found these boots in a bag of clothes I thought were bigger. They are killing me with how cute they are. I immediately decided to be on the hunt for more and found some at Goodwill today - cause dressing my girls cute really helps me like them more, haha! 

Speaking of needing to love someone more...Wade pulled off my tulips petals. It was bound to happen. He's standing next to me right now telling me about this picture, "Wade and Blake are playing with your flowers. We took you flowers and smashed them!"

Today Wade was watching a show and I sat down next to him. Asked him what he was watching, how his nap was, ect. He answered, then finally said, "Mommy, just leave me alone, please." Haha, threenager! 

Blake's been really into throwing away the diapers. Really any task, she loves to help with. I almost said "help mommy with," but she really doesn't care about helping me, she just loves accomplishing tasks. She's started to help my empty the dishwasher. Jac kind of helps too, but she doesn't quite get it like Blake. Jac is really good at following directions - again, that's wrong, but I can ask her to pick something up and bring it to me and she will. Cute and helpful. 

I've been working on the yard and such. Put up new house numbers. Dug out my front garden (my mom helped. Okay, she did most of it) - and it's currently a huge puddle. And I tore out a huge bush and felt like a complete amazon woman. It was amazing. And addicting. And creating so many muddy shoes. 

I'm also working hard on Mormon Prom - making a bunch of huge flowers to decorate with. How do I get myself roped into this stuff? IDK, but I love it. Well, I love/hate it. And I'm still making a prom dress - which we picked out the fabric, and I'm so excited. Just trying to put my other 100 projects out of my mind and on hold for the next 3 weeks. 

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