This week: 3 May 2017

The black-out material on the girls curtains is falling down (I really need to sew them in...but I'm so lazy) and I couldn't hook them back up. So annoying. When things don't do their job and just work I get overly irritated. "I do my job, you do yours!" She screamed to every inanimate object in the house. I dealt with it by going downstairs and eating a Reese's. So I guess I've officially become an adult woman by handling my problems with chocolate. I had a good run, but it's all down hill from here.

We have Oreo's right now. When Wade discovered them he let out a huge gasp and said, "Oh my gosh! Dose are my favorite. I love dem." We also introduced him to milkshakes (cause Oreo's require cookies n' cream milkshakes, duh) and he informs me at every meal that he loves "milkshakers," in hopes that me knowing that will lead me to make him one . . . it's worked more than once.

A friend gave us all her kids old play jewelry. To say it's a hit would be a gross understatement. This stuff has caused genuine elation and some serious meltdowns. Jacqueline is quite the jewelry diva - including the flare for the dramatic, if anyone touches her jewels she lays on the ground in fury.

Blake can't figure out how to out the necklaces over her head, so she holds them with her chin, but when she goes to add another necklace the first one falls out. Frustrating process. But hilarious for a me - very Three Stooges. I am a nice mommy and put the necklaces on for her, but that makes her mad, then doubly mad cause she also can't figure out how to take off the necklaces (yet, she's my only child that has figured out how to strip out of her clothes).

The next day a friend gave us a bunch of girl shoes. It's been like Christmas over here (with the after Christmas mess). And, seriously, sounds like an amazing Christmas to me. If Jacqueline is the jewelry diva, then Blake is the shoe queen - she brings me shoe after shoe to put on her, if I try putting on two different shoes then she freaks out, cause that's not how it's done. She very much cares about things being done correctly, I had the hairbrained idea to try potty training her soon - I think she'd catch on quickly and be so proud of herself.

Wade has been into sidewalk chalk (did you know that while it washes off of asphalt fine, it's a real pain to get out of carpet. My first step is blue...) and into robots. When he wears his share of the jewelry he says he's a robot (making Husband okay with his son wearing necklaces). So we drew a huge robot not the driveway - he told me what colors to do and named him all by himself, his name is Ditto. When we left for preschool today Wade talked to his robot almost the entire way, "Bye bye robot Ditto! I going to preschool! See you later! Yous need stay here while I go preschool!"

His conversations are hilarious right now. He fills in all sides of the conversation for everyone as he tells things to me - often telling my what his sisters said. "Mommy, Blake said, 'Tank you very much for sharing with me! I love when you share with me Wade.'" Oh, that's what "maggh" meant. And Husband nor I can get away with anything cause Wade will tattle on us - he frequently tells the other parent what one of us said he couldn't do - always in great, painstakingly slow, 3 year old detail.

Wade's been asking to take his naps not the floor. He thinks it's the funniest. But, he won't do it on his own, he'll make me come up and tuck him in on the floor. I swear it's just cause he needs someone to witness how funny floor naps are, kind of like when he has to walk through the house to find me to throw his tantrum - must have a witness!

Girls have figured out how to open both the front door and the front storm door. Ugh.

Jac has taken to needing to hold my hand at all times, even when in the cart. I mean, unless she decides she wants to run away. 

And I just really needed to add this picture of Blake. She walked around with these headbands she found on her face like this for a good five minutes. Dancing to the beat of her own drum.

Wade asks me the name of everyone. People at the grocery store. People we pass in the car. The mailman. The drive through lady. I've started making up names. He's going to grow up assuming I know absolutely everyone.

The girls both have objects that they love. So precious. Course, now I need to know where they are at all times. Jacqueline loves her blankie. Blake loves the bunny the Easter bunny brought her for post-Easter (yeah, the Easter bunny came AFTER Easter to gather up all the stupid eggs and left everyone a bunny to keep them company until next year. What can I say, they were 70% off). Luckily I have two of each of their lovies. Phew.

I sang in church on Sunday. Solo. It went surprisingly fine. Perhaps even good . . . that might be a stretch. But it's over. And I'm glad I did it. Makes me want to get myself to choir practice just so I can sing more - course it's at 8:15 am on Sunday, so Husband would have to get all the kids to church by himself . . . kind of feels like more motivation to go.

Working on finishing the prom dress, prepping for my first freezer meal exchange (I'm making breakfast burritos!), making huge paper flowers for Mormon prom, making a dream catcher for a friends baby shower, and making a gift for the same friends shower (I can't say what cause she reads this. But it's gonna be AWESOME! And one of a kind, aka, flawed). Busy, but all fun things - but my kitchen and basement are explosions right now, especially the basement. And then I've been staying awake dreaming about making some fun summer clothes for the girls, cause that is a great use of my sleeping hours. Oh, and I made this for my front door:

First attempt at macrame, which is why it's terrible and the knots are a joke. But I'm calling it good. Done is better than perfect. That is an all too applicable motto of my life. But it's a good motto, getting me stretching and trying new things, cause if perfect was necessary, I wouldn't be singing in church or making prom dresses. Heavens no. Oh, and here's Wade "helping" my with the prom dress:

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