This week: 5 April 2017

We had the funnest week. The funnest. 

Today Wade started pre-school! I have a kid in pre-school!! I thought it started next Monday, so we were late and Wade's socks didn't match (potentially a melt down for him) and was in a stupid outfit and really needed a haircut - good first impressions. So I was worried he might melt down or not know who to tell that he needed to go potty (cause I forgot to make him go beforehand), but he did SO great. He came out with the biggest smile and said, "that's my mommy!!" when he saw me and then told me all about how much fun he had. 

Girls discovered they can reach this sink. Water. The theme for this week should really be "Water. Everything is wet." 

We've been hanging out at Target this week. Found these hilarious baby heels (what?! why!!) that Jac loved. Well, she really just liked pulling other shoes out of the boxes. But she could walk in them really well and I was way too tempted to buy them. Good thing she can't talk, cause if she asked me to buy them I would not have been able to say no. I am in so much trouble, aren't I?!

But we've been hanging out at Targets cause we've been picking up these chairs. 10 of them. 6 for my dining room and 4 for the patio. I love them, obviously. And I got them all on sale, but have had to go the 4 different Targets to get them. That is dedication. They're easy to clean and don't tip - that was pretty much my entire criteria. Plus, they look amazing. 

I've been out in my garden! I've been outside, the kids have been outside - we're all happy. And this is officially my weirdest find: a crowned tooth. The whole thing. The tooth is underneath. So gross. Why? How? When? 

Wade's been collecting bugs. Poor bugs. We have a million of these little red and black beetle things, everywhere! But leave it to a 3 year old to complain about not being able to find any bugs when there are 3 literally crawling on him. Haha! And for some reason he's decided that all the bugs need to be taken to the street - but I've convinced him a few of the other appropriate places, further from moving vehicles. 

Eating outside is the best. I'm not sure how much dirt and how many rocks have been eaten along with the food provided. And we're going to have so many ants. I was telling Husband this week that if we just paid for the food that our children actually ingested, we'd have a significant drop in our grocery bill. 

Another Target shot. Want to know how to make a toddler walk faster around the store? Give them something to pull (or push) around. We made record time. 

Blake has been sick. So has Wade, but I can hand Wade the iPad. Blake has been insisting that I hold her a lot - which has lead to me getting some actual snuggles and lead to me pulling out my baby wrap to carry her. Huge blessing is that she's been taking good naps and sleeping great at night - phew! Just lots of snot, ewww. 

We went to the farm this week (it's where Husband's mom grew up!) and it was a blast. Husbands's aunt, uncles and cousins were there my kids just loved them. And everyone was just so good and loving on my babies. I should have taken way more pictures, but snagged a few. I especially wish I grabbed a shot of Blake with uncle Dave, she loves him - every time we see him she manages to get him to hold her the entire time. 

Here is Jacqueline with Aunt Collette. We got to celebrate Collette's birthday while there and I'm so happy to live close enough to see her frequently. 

And little miss Blake with cousin Paul - she thought it was so funny he put on her bunny ears. 

 The kids escaped one morning. I was getting dressed and heard the door slam. Oh no. It was raining, so everyone came in soaked - like I said, this week's theme is "everything is wet."

I organized the hall closet to corral all the shoes that Blake carries around the house... well, then Wade decided to just pull all the shoes out of the closet. Face palm. 

Blake loved it. Obviously. All the shoes being freed. She's been putting my shoes on backwards - why is this so funny to me?!?! Cracks me up single every time. 

And a container needing to be sat in. Obviously. Look how cute she is - 10 minutes later she was soaked and I had to change her. Always. 

The girls discovered chips and dip. Then they discovered fingers dip - that's just sticking their fingers in and eating the dip. We're not really sanitary over here. 

We've been having the windows down and Wade always asks to have it all the way down so he can "touch the wind." 

 The girls fell asleep in their car seats and I successfully transferred them to their cribs and they took a 3 hour nap! Yes, this made it into the weekly update! It's a big deal! And, this is weekly, so lots of mostly insignificant stuff fills this up.

Speaking of naps...I hesitate to say this in case it jinxes it, but...okay, I'll say it in parenthesis so it's like I'm whispering it or just thinking it: (the girls have been taking longer afternoon naps! Like 2.5+ hours! It's amazing for all involved. They're happier. I'm happier.).

I had the worst idea ever:

But they loved it. But then they all ran different directions while covered in paint. Did not think it all the way through. Course, I still managed to take pictures. It's washable paint anyway. 

Everything is wet: 

More outside snacking: 

They also got into the charcoal catcher under the grill, that was full of water, and ate the charcoal water...delicious. And played with a cooler that was outside all winter - it's just a huge block of ice inside that has slowly melted, everyone's hands were absolutely freezing. Fairly certain kids don't have cold/hot receptor (accept then it comes to slightly hotter than warm food). 

And I told them not to get on the table, so they laughed at me. Per usual. 

Here's my new patio table! Got it for $46 off craigslist. And my nice new chairs will go around it, woohoo! 

And husband has been working on his golf cart. Even for something so fun, he's burning out trying to pimp it out. And I'm burning out too - he's been coming home to work on it during lunch and after work until kids bedtime. Thank goodness it's nice out, or we would've gone crazy. 

Tomorrow Husband and I celebrate 5 years together! Feels like it should be longer. We're going to be so romantic and tool chests to organize our garage - he definitely speaks my love language...organizing! And we're supposed to have gorgeous weather this weekend, so we plan to play outside with our kids and organize all weekend (funny how the first few days of nice weather make even crappy yard work wonderful!). 

Also, I accidentally got super glue on my table. And I just painted my nails and now can't take off my pants. The two things are unrelated, except that both leave me feeling foolish.   

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