This week: 29 March 2017

We had a lively Friday night at The Home Depot. Not going to lie, it was a good time. We played around in the kitchens. Watched a board get cut. Helped Daddy carry a board. Such a good time. I walked around dreaming about projects that Husband has no idea about. We were there to get stuff for a fish tank project (rolling my eyes hard enough to give me a headache...I swear between golf and that fish tank, my eyes are going to get stuck like that). Regardless, glad my kids see hardware stores as a field of dreams too. 

The girls continue to gang up on everything. I just installed locks for some of these bathroom cabinets. I was tired of having everything on my counter so they wouldn't get to it - but then they started being able to reach everything on the counter. So....locks! Now I just have to get a second stool, cause as you can plainly see, they can both fit on this one, which is obviously unacceptable. 

Blake has been putting food in her hair. Well, that's not new. Just the hair ties are new, so the food really stays. Snacks for later. 

We bought Moana. Lots of time spent like this. Jac is off camera, dancing. Naturally. 

Sometimes you just need to sit in a bowl to eat your snacks. Don't you ever get that urge? No? Me neither. Maybe if I had a bowl I'd fit in. 

Not a lot of pictures this week. Which is fine cause that home depot shot is frame worthy, so it's a win this week. But also, it's probably cause we're sick again. Wade got a cough and fever on Sunday, and the cough is lingering, which sounds sooooo nasty cause of his asthma. The weather is finally getting nice, but I have to make sure that he doesn't run too much until his cold is cleared up. But he is feeling fine now. Blake caught his cough, but no fever and no asthma - so she just hacks in your face. 

We did get out in the sunshine yesterday. Went to a friends house and all the kids dug in the dirt. They  could not have been happier. Jac looked like she had smeared eye makeup on her and I just couldn't look at her without laughing and smiling. 

Wade's been stalling on naps (what's new?) and the other day he sat on the first step and told me he couldn't go upstairs because, "My engine is broken." Then he laid outside my door where there are some ripples in the carpet and he said, "Look at these mountains?? I just want to stay and look at these for a while." The things that come out of his mouth. Probably why he gets away with skipping his nap too often. 

On Friday I needed to get out. My kids are great, I love them, but ...well, I just needed out. I was able to find an afternoon babysitter and meet up with a  friend to get my nails done. It was delightful. So stinkin' delightful. Then I came home and my babysitter wouldn't take my monies! What could make my day better? Nothing. Which is good, cause nothing else did make it better (haha, that's terrible. But true. That evening is when Wade's cough started and both girls are getting both their canine teeth). I've learned my lesson and have fallen in love with day babysitters and this week is spring break, so got someone coming over tomorrow! So excited! And tomorrow a swimsuit I ordered should get here. So, priorities. All the silver linings. 

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