This week: 10 May 2017

Dancing with Dada after work. They're spinning, so it's a blurry, but Jac's face is too good. Also, Husband in a apron, always a beautiful sight. 

I just ate a donut. It wasn't very good. But I ate it all. Commitment.

Jac's hair can fit into piggy tails! Makes me so happy. She's also started hitting...makes me less happy. 

Blake officially has a favorite pair of shoes. Rather, boots. She grabs them and tries putting her boots on 20 times a day. Yesterday I tried putting different shoes on her and she freaked out. Apparently she'll be wearing these boots for the forceable future. They're the cutest, so I can not complain. 

A few pictures of these girls just being adorable. They've been lots of work and energy recently (tantrums are in full swing), so thankfully there's lots of cuteness and sweetness too. 

And then some not so sweet:

But back to sweet: 

They've also been helping me empty the dishwasher. So helpful.

We've been reading a book about hippo's belly buttons and how they call them "bee boops," so everyone goes around pointing to one another's belly buttons saying "bee boop!"All the fun of wearing only diapers.

Speaking of only diapers, all three kids (and their cousin) escaped and made it all the way down the street. The girls were just in their diapers and Wade was shirtless. the next day I realized that there were toys littering all the yards on our street. Mother of the year over here (even though I was making dinner and there were three other adults in the house....just saying, haha).

Jac finds friends everywhere. We were at the zoo and she adopted my friend as her official mama during our trip. And she kept going up to complete strangers and getting into peoples laps and they crouched to look at animals. Guess she just wanted a better view? 

Wade and his BFF, Harper, picked a bunch of my tulips. Grrrr. But they were the cutest afterwards. Wade looks like such a romantic little fellow here, but he informed me he's being a doggie. 

And here he's being a pirate. 

And here he's being "so sad!" About what? I don't remember. 

Jac is getting into the high chair straps too. She's a little less delicate than Blake about it. That butt in the air, hilarious. 

The girls have been pushing all sorts of treasures in this stroller. Today they took turns taking care of their sparkling water babies.

All three kids polished off 3 pints of blueberries in 36 hours. Wade asked husband what the stem was called, Husband told him it's called a stem, so Wade proceeded to talk about stems for the next ten minutes and continues to tell me we need to buy more blueberries, but not with stems. Husband realized he should've told Wade the word for stem in Portuguese, but it's too late, he knows it's stem. We also had our first watermelon of the season! Wade didn't take a nap one day (read: so many three year old shenanigans) and I came down to see him going at half a watermelon with his spoon. Then he made a "c" and sang all about his "c watermelon."

Last Friday we had a play date Cinco De Mayo party. It was so. much. fun. Kids were so happy to run free outside, that us moms were actually able to visit a little (what?!). And since it was at my house I laid the girls down for naps and I was really feeling kid-free - I mean, other than that other kid I have...and all the kids running around my house. We ended up with all the leftover dessert -no complaints here. I mean, no complaints, until Blake stole Jac's cookie:

And I guess Wade had to complain once when there were no yellow sprinkles on his cookie, I mean, I get that.

The prom dress is almost done. Yesterday there was lots of unpicking. Lots. And tears. Lots. There are so many issues with it, and it's just compounded to where there's not much I can do to fix it now. My mom and sister both told that I would learn a lot - but I somehow thought it would mean that I would learn, fix it, and still have a great dress at the end. It is beautiful, and I think she'll feel gorgeous in it...but also grateful it'll be a dark room, haha! It has also made me want to try sewing some other things - think I'm going to try some play clothes for the girls next.

I got a new calling. I've been put into Young Women's, I'm over the 14 & 15 year olds. I'm excited for this calling, but also nervous. Teenagers are so...annoying. Which isn't totally bad, but it's a painful mirror of me, circa 2002. So awkward. Which is why I need this calling, right? So much room to grow. And I think as I get to know the girls, and don't just see their behaviors, it'll be way better.

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