This week: 24 May 2017

Everyone helping Daddy water the grass seeds (yes, thats what under the hay. Our yard looks ridiculous right now. But it'll look good soon....like, maybe next year). 

Blake walking around eating her macaroni. Naturally. 

While Wade and Jac run through the hose water - cause it's a balmy 60 degrees. 

And the girls needed to help Wade on his bike. The bike he can't ride. But he loved having them push him and he'd tell them, "Now we turn this way! Now we turn this way!" 

Jac ate dirt. And stood on the Razor. Oh, and I found another pair of these boots at the thrift store - yesss!

I caught Wade picking his nose (not a rare occasion) and he said, "that so embarrassing!"

Our tire was leaking air (turns out there was a nail stuck in it) and while it got fixed the girls and I went to Wendy's. We got food too - not just ketchup, not that they would complain if it was. They both ended up just drinking it out of the cup and Jac made it really efficient by using the straw. Gross. 

The girls wanted to hold each others hands walking into the store!! Cutest. Especially with those piggy tails.

And they've been giving each other lots of kisses. Not that I've successfully taken a picture of it, here's the best I've gotten: 

Jac - excitedly - figured out that she could sit on the kitchen cupboard. 

And the girls have both been working really hard on dressing themselves. There have only been a few walking-into-the-wall incidences thus far. 

I found a rug for super cheap this week that I'm going to resale - the kids have been getting a kick running all over it, cause why not? They're like cats, something new, must be sat upon. 

Tonight we did splatter paint for Young Women's. Kids from all the other classes kept wandering over hoping to join, so you know it's good. At one point one of my girls said, "this is the most fun I've ever had!" Success. And they all thought my paint pants were the coolest, apparently I should be wearing them as normal pants with a flannel - we went over my pants 3 different times as the different girls trickled in, they're that cool. 

I've been mopping. A lot. It just keeps getting grosser. It's. so. much. fun. I mean, gross. But I can't help myself! I love my new steam mop. I keep sending Husband pictures of the disgusting pad. Best mother's day gift ever. Also, Wade keeps telling me that things are "disgusting."

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