This week: 31 May 2017

Worst week ever. Wade officially stopped taking naps. Done.  Instead of napping, he's currently whining at me and telling me he doesn't want fruit snacks, he wants "caaaaaaaannnny!" He has been going to bed slightly earlier - usually in a tantrum induced slumber. It doesn't help that the sun has been setting so late ...whoa, wait, I did not just dis the sunshine. That did not just happen. Now he's upstairs in the loft (which is now my craft room), pulling out all my ribbon and looking for beads. No peace. No peace ever.

Sometimes you all have to yell out the (closed) window together! 

Jacqueline has been making "forts" to go poop in. 

Wade scraped his knee last week and was obviously dramatic about it. He wouldn't straighten his leg and would tell me "Mommy, I walking. I doing it. I just need to go really slow." His preschool teacher had to call me cause he was being so pathetic about it, she had to make sure he was actually all right. 

Jacqueline has been saying "bebe" about her baby doll! Words are coming! Cause right now she just points and shrieks...at everything. Blake still just shrieks. No pointing. 

Last weekend I was sick,  not sure what I had, but felt LOUSY! Husband had the kids Sunday morning - he feels more grateful for what I do, haha. He kept saying things like, "what do you do with them all morning?" And the house was a disaster. The girls threw a picture frame off the balcony and it shattered (duh), they played in the soot under the grill (multiple times, cause why pick it up after they get into it once?), 

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