This week: 21 June 2017

Happy summer solstice! It's the longest day of the year - the sun rose at 5:28 and set at 9:02 and all the neighbor kids are currently outside playing in the waining light. Not my kids, of course, my kids are all sleeping - and somehow they also slept in until 8:30 today! Thank goodness for black out curtains.

On the subject of curtains - Wade has been really into his recently. I'm not entirely sure why, but they have made it into songs and into his prayers. Yesterday we went out to buy the parts for me to make him a roman shade, so I understand why he's excited to make new curtains - but this has been going on for a while. But it makes me smile, especially that he's saying his own prayers, definitely all his idea to thank Heavenly Father for his curtains (he also asks Him for help to not hit or kick with his feet).

Last week I had the most amazing experience. Of my life. The entire thing. My best friend asked me if I would take pictures of her birth - I was honored...and nervous. She's been teaching me photography and let me use her ridiculously nice camera, and, I have to say, there were some good shots. Okay, but that's not the story, that's just why I was there. Last Thursday (five days after her due date) I got a text around 2:30 am telling me that labor has started. Then at 3:36 am I got a call telling me it was time for me to come over. I walked in during her last contraction (meaning she was screaming!), ran around in a fast frenzy to grab her camera, snagged about 10 shots and then she had the baby at 4:04 am! At home I couldn't find any pants, not knowing how vital those moments were! Here's the craziest part: her midwife wasn't there yet and she birthed her own baby! Even as I write that my mind is still processing how amazing it was to watch a woman birth and catch her own baby. It was remarkable.

Nana came to town this week, which everyone was so happy about. She got in late, so the kids didn't see her until the next morning, as soon as she came up Jac managed to get in her arms and was there the majority of the weekend.

Jac also figured out how to say "cheese" for the camera this week:

Yeah, I couldn't pick just one. I'm practicing photography and getting some good images to work with so my friend can teach me editing! I am so excited, but also couldn't not share these immediately.

Wade has been singing songs to me at night that he makes up. He's going through the alphabet, but that's really just the titles. Silly A song, silly B song, silly C song...you see the pattern. Sometimes it's just a bunch of humming at different volumes, other times there are actual words that include lines from primary songs with important words like sprinkles, sparkles, cupcakes, curtains, ice cream, etc mixed in. The first few nights he sang them to me while I rubbed his back, but they've escalated to full on performances, with his bed as the stage, that include jumping around, dramatic falls and audience interaction (usually getting a blanket to the face). With each finale he says, "you like that song?!"

Blake finished physical therapy. Well, we're taking break and seeing how she does. We need to help her strengthen her core and we have a bunch of exercises we'll continue to do with her, but she's just so young, it was hard to get anything out of her at the PT sessions. So we decided to just work with her at home and re-evaluate at her 2 year and 3 year wellness check ups. She's hitting all her developmental milestones and it's not a structural problem, mainly a muscle tone problem. Hoping we can see success - we've already seen some, in this picture she does a perfect squat, just a month ago she had her feet turned in and her knees toughing in this position.

For Father's Day I cleaned out the garage so Husband could park inside again (just in time for a series of crazy thunder storms) and we picked up some cacti for his office - Wade helped me plant them, telling me the whole time that we "need to careful so we don't get owie's." Somehow I managed a hefty nap on Father's Day and Husband played with the kids outside for a long stretch, it was better than Mother's Day!

The girls even conned daddy into rocking them in his zero gravity chairs.

Jac celebrated Father's Day by discovering the existence of the game cupboard and happily playing with dice (and picking her nose). 

We continue to play in the pit. I feel I can confidently say that the pit is permanent. The kids love it, Husband loves it. I now have no option but to have a pit in my living room.

Jac has been working on 5 teeth and it's made her act like...well, act like she's working on 5 teeth. She's needy and snotty and grouchy. Then yesterday Blake joined in the grouch fest. I told everyone to get in the car with no idea where we were going (except to a drive thru to get mommy a Dr. Pepper). Both girls passed out. When they got up I realized Blake had a 102 fever. They both took 4 hour naps that afternoon. Blake wanted me to hold her for hours on end, which made Jac want me holding her too. Exhausting. But look how cute they are! You'd never know that they were total disasters.

Today everyone was feeling better, but still on the grouchy side, so I knew we had to get out of the house. I braved the zoo. Everyone had a blast. Blake was still clingy, but she was content to ride in the wagon most of the way (until we went to leave and she wanted me to hold her, sorry baby, not happening). She also was content to just sit where I set her, so I got cute pictures of her.

Whereas Wade and Jac were on the move and too fast for my novice photography skills. I'd get the lighting right and they'd dart into the shade or sun or whatever I wasn't prepared for. We went to the new kangaroo exhibit - I thought it was pretty cool. The kids couldn't care less. They really liked touching all the logs in the exhibit though, so not a total waste, right?

Wade told me his favorite part of the zoo was the rock pile. Awesome, glad we have a zoo pass so you can sit and play with rocks. 

Jac also liked the rocks. I have no idea how many rocks were consumed in this little pit stop. Guess we'll find out tomorrow. 

We got donuts this week and I consciously got a glazed one for the girls so they wouldn't get chocolate everywhere. Blake saw all the donuts and would not eat the glazed one. Would not. Threw it on the ground when I gave it to her and threw a fit. She wanted a chocolate one. Kid has good taste. 

Every year Carleton College down in Northfield does a huge garage sale with all the stuff students donate at the end of the year (aka: all the stuff they don't want to pack) - it's my favorite sale! Everything is a fixed price - blankets are all $3, large rugs are $5, pillows area $1. I cleaned up! I got two huge rugs, a pile of feather filled pillows, a handful of clothes, a poster picture frame. It was my kind of a party! And my mother in law was in town, so I was able to go kidless! I got this awesome jumpsuit there:

And by awesome, I obviously mean ridiculous. I came down with it on and Husband made some hilarious and rude comments about it, none of which I can remember, but then conceded that it did look pretty dang comfortable. And it is.

Last week (maybe two weeks ago) I mentioned that I got a TV cabinet/armoire for free off craigslist. Here it is:

It's in the loft, which I have commandeered as my sewing/craft/project room. It is currently packed with pillows and fabric - so basically it's full of happiness.

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