This week: 14 June 2017

This has been a really fun, really busy, really full week. Parks, swimming, projects, playdates, the library, physical therapy, movies. It has really been a blast. Some highlights:

Jac and Blake went to nursery for the first time with no issues at all. Husband nor I had to step foot in the nursery room at all. When I went to get them, neither cared. And they were both holding hands with friends!

Wade's asthma hasn't been bugging him at all. I think his lungs are finally strengthening.

We went swimming at our friends pool and by the end the girls were jumping in and Wade was able to get wherever he wanted to go with his floaties. Everyone was so happy in the water. Course, now that they discovered jumping, I can never go to the pool solo again (not that I was brave/dumb enough to go alone before either). When we left we had to put the girls outside the gate to keep them from jumping back in.

Nana (Husband's mom) gets in town tomorrow and Wade is so excited - he keeps finding random trash and telling me it's for Nana. Apparently we need to work on the whole gift giving thing.

I was cleaning with vinegar, Wade comes in, sniffs loudly and tells me, "it smells....not good." Haha, very accurate.

Blake started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with me! Obviously it sounds nothing like it, but she gets a hard T with me. She's also been saying Stella and Jac. And Jacqueline has a little word that resembles Blake too. Is communication around the corner?!

Sometimes you just need to steal all your brother's underwear and park it on mom's comforter. I mean, you just need to.

The girls have been "changing" each others diapers. It's usually Jac changing Blake (she also likes to get in there and help me when I'm really changing her too - if she's poopy, I've got to work fast to beat my her helping hands) - they even push each other back down if they try getting up before they're "done."

Jac is getting 4 (maybe 5) teeth in. She has been a terror. We ran several errands to day and she cried 80% of the time. Only time she wasn't crying was when she was in the mammoth Target cart - the magic of Target is real. She's been so grouchy and throw so many tantrums that Wade's been telling her, "Jac-in, I don't want listen to you tantrum!" Haha, apparently I say that a lot. Oops.

I made a pit in our house (something we learned is good for Blake to strengthen her hips!) and it has been the biggest hit ever. I'm never getting back all my blankets and pillows - guess I'll have to go buy more. But look at these two cuties watching Toy Story together! Also, Wade has been talking non-stop about Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

We met up for free Chick-Fil-A this week and Jac never made it into the play place - she made the rounds cleaning up everyones food and finally found her place right on Alyssa's 3 days past due belly. She sat right on top, trying to push that baby out.

Wade and I made cupcakes today. We had so much fun and he was so adorable - we might have to make cupcakes every day. I think next time I'll record the whole interaction, cause I want to remember ever single part of it for forever. He kept saying things like, "Can I put the rainbow cuc-cake here (cupcake liner), mommy? Oh thank you mommy. I love rainbow cuc-cakes. Thank you so much, mommy." He helped me pour and mix and eat. Notice in some of the pictures he places the spatula on the cupcake liners so we wouldn't get the counter all dirty.

I also made the mistake of leaving the room for a few minutes while some of the cupcakes were cooking, he decided to try filling up the liners on his own, sans cupcake pan - it was not successful, but not as much of a failure as one would expect, only one liner was lost in the three year old solo venture.

I bought a toy stroller for Blake, cause she loves them and plays with them at every friends house we go to. Do you see the problem here? I bought A play stroller. One. Uno. Solo. I need to buy two more, maybe three for when their cousin comes over - but I feel fairly certain that they would still all fight over the same one.

Wade decided in preschool career day that he wants to be a doctor (good choice kid, buy mama a vacation home). Well, it's stuck over a month and he continues to talk about being a doctor and whenever someone is hurt he says that he needs to learn to be a doctor so he can doctor them (real technical with the terms here). This week my nephew, Drew, was admitted to the hospital and they're still running all kinds of tests trying to figure out what exactly is happening. Every time I talk to Wade about it or show him pictures he tells me, "I need be doctor so I can help Drew melt." Um, melt means heal/get better to him...no idea where he got that. A few times he's randomly brought Drew up to me during the day, and it makes me smile that he's thinking about his cousin. We've also been praying for him and Wade reminds me to pray for Drew.

I've been crazy busy around the house. Bought a new couch (new to us, obviously. Craigslist find for $45. And the lady mentioned she had 3 month old twin granddaughter, so I was also able to bring a twin care package to her). Painting in the basement - all the trim is DONE! Digging a sandpit in the backyard. Pulled all the lattice work off from under our deck. Put rocks in my fake riverbed. Cleaned out the garage so both cars can fit in it again. Planted a bunch of house plants (I have a bad habit of buying plants and just leaving them in their plastic pots on a plate). Friends, I have been so busy. Unfortunately, it's hard not to get discouraged when I see how much more there is to do! Yesterday I was working in the basement and as I went to go upstairs I suddenly remembered/realized that I have to paint the stairwell too! Ugh. Or today I was mowing the lawn and just kept seeing all the weed shoots that are thriving everywhere after a good week of rain and humidity. It's never done! But, things are in a decent place. All my flowers are ready to bloom, just as my mother in law get here, so that's about as perfect as you can ask for! Here's the deck:

Husband got a new calling - Elder Quorum second counselor. The President is new in our ward and the first time he met Husband, I guess he knew that he needed him in his presidency. I told Husband that and he said, "that's why I shouldn't talk to new people!" Haha. It'll be a good calling for him, and while he's not "excited," he is excited to learn and grow and stretch. And with me as first counselor in the Young Women's presidency, we're going to be busy! As I got set apart, I was counseled to take time to coordinate and communicate - we're trying to take that to heart. This week we planned all our meals out, decided on a time to read scriptures (breakfast - one cooks, the other reads), and had our first real family home evening. Just need to keep it up! But if we plan, then we can make sure to get the important stuff in first, and then have everything fit in or filter out. Oh, also, the EQ president is from Brazil and is actually from the city that Husband served his mission! What are the chances? He knew they had a bond. Oh, one more organized thing: we've got a really good bedtime routine with the girls right now. It's so fun - Daddy especially loves it - look at those head rubs:

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