This week: 28 June 2017

First things first: Saturday Husband issued a challenge where we each have a space to renovate without the other's input. More info (and before pictures) here. It's literally a dream come true. I mean, so much work...and right now I'm just dealing with discovering issues, but still so much fun! Plus, I get to wear my paint clothes everyday, which are so comfortable...and doesn't matter when my kids get me all messy (um, not that I usually worry about that), like when Wade gets his own paint out:

Okay, first the picture dump: 

Girls figured out how to turn on and off bedside lights. 

Jac got a fever last week (Blake had it, the Jac, then Wade. Wade was the best cause he just watched TV all day and drifted in and out of sleep). She was so pathetic and needed to snuggle my hand in the car. 

Poor sick baby. But the cutest. 

This is Blake's favorite way to eat. Jac has decided it's pretty cool too. So proud. 

Blake got a blueberry to stay in her belly button. Another proud moment. Since, she has been trying to fit stuff in her belly button any time she's naked. 

 Soy sauce and lemon juice are her favorite toys right now.

My flowers are blooming! I didn't do the greatest job, so there are lots of tall flowers in front and a short stuff behind. Oops. But the girls LOVE walking behind the taller flowers and peeking through. And regularly smashing them. Guess it's good I overseeded? 

 This sums up my girls - Jac in the action and Blake looking on from a safe distance.

This is how Jac needs to get out of her crib every. single. time. She has to grab all her things to take out of her cage with her. 

Jac chose her own apparel: 

Wade says, "I have the crown! I am the KING!!!"

I got Wade a lollipop. Just Wade. Cause I'm an idiot. He was adorable when he decided to share it with his sisters. 

Then Blake stole it. He's not in this picture cause he's throwing a huge tantrum just to the right.

Went to the store today and Wade kept singing/yelling, "I love groceries! Groceries are my favorite!!!"

Wade's popsicle melted on his eggs (cause he got everyone popsicle to eat with breakfast...), which obviously caused a huge meltdown. Then he decided to try it and announced, "Mmm! It taste like coffee!!" How does he even know to talk about coffee?

Wade took one bite of a banana and left if for about an hour. I ate the rest. Well, he came back to eat it and was devastated that it was gone! He kept accusing me and saying, " You ate my banana? Why? Why you eat my banana? Noooo mommy!! Why you eat my banana?!" So I got him a new one, which was obviously inferior to the first one - and then it broke. Devastation that can only be felt by a three year old that hasn't taken a nap could muster. I ended up trying to put it back together with a straw - my efforts were finally adequate.

I was washing dishes and heard Blake whining - I turned around to see Jac had her body checked into the fridge.

Yesterday the garbage disposal was acting weird. I turned it off and put my hand in to see what was up. Then I turned it on. What?!! I'm an idiot. I was over-multi-tasking. Kids were screaming. I was making dinner. I think I meant to turn off the water first? I don't even know exactly what happened. But since something was wrong with my garbage disposal I just got a nasty bruise, but didn't lose my finger. God watches out for you even when you do something dumb. But I do think I'll lose my finger nail.

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