This week: 5 July 2017

Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth! We swam and played all day. Kids went to bed early and we watched fireworks out our window - it was an obscured view, but also mosquito free.

Yesterday Wade informed me that he could not stop talking. That sums up my week pretty nicely. He's been saying the funniest things - gems in the mass of verbal continuum. Here are some of the gems:

"Daddy, I love you. I really love you. Can I give you a small hug?"

Wade: "With Dady we watch movies and eat popcorn and eat brownies!"
Me: "Whoa, Daddy sounds like a real party."
Wade: "No, he not a party, cause he not cake and he not hats."

"Mommy, look at me. Watch me be a rock."

One day I found Wade reading a book and he was covered in blood! I asked him what was all over his face and he said, "I've been getting out all my red boogers." Kid must've really been digging. Eww. But, you get a picture of it anyway.

I've been working a lot on the basement and that means that every single toy we own is out. My house looks like a huge party - all nighter, three year old style (and by all nighter, I mean staying up through nap time). The tinker toys have been a big hit - Wade's been making me lots of tinker toy popsicles. He came out one day to telling me that he made me my favorite popsicle ever and I would love it sooooo much! 

Getting kids into the car has been easier since the kids can climb in on their own. It WAS easier, but now the girls have discovered that they can climb all over the car. So that's awesome. The problem isn't the trunk always being popped or the hazards always being on, it's the tantrum that ensues when I put them into their seats. But, this little moment might have made all the tantrums worth it (um, to be clear, it's really cute, but does not make up for all the head butts, wriggling bodies and feet in my face). 

We officially own our first library book. The cover of this one got ripped off by The Blake, sooooo...it's ours now! It's also their favorite, perhaps they did it on purpose. 

We went to IKEA this week. We got two new stuffed doggie's, so now everyone has one - and everyone needs to snuggle them to sleep. Jac was hoping I'd get her a whole litter:

 Blake has gotten really good at climbing the ladders at playgrounds - Wade has realized that he can climb them too after seeing his baby sister do it. We discovered the perfect park by our house, the kids are big enough to do pretty much all of it! And the tunnel slide produces the best static hair:

Right after this picture Jac pooped and I didn't have any wipes, so I used Kleenex's...there's a reason wipes are moist. Then we went to Costco and Blake pooped (yes, I'm sharing this double poop story), so I had to buy diapers and wipes and I changed her right in the back of the store like a genuine trash person. Who have I become that I'm not prepared with diapers and wipes? 

Wade's been super into garbage trucks this week. And his mouth is a trash can. His teeth are rocks that mass up trash. Food is sometimes trash, but sometimes it's not and I'm an idiot Mommy cause it's obviously not garbage, it's food. 

We've gone all over getting things for the basement. Getting paint from Ace Hardware was a highlight. Everyone got a few paint samples. There were benches to sit on. A huge gumball machine for Wade to talk endlessly about. And suckers right at toddler level for Blake to open on her own, so everyone ended up with a sucker. I mean, all in all, a great errand crossed off the list. 

I painted the ceiling in the basement. I have no learned that painting ceilings is the worst. But, also, awesome, cause I painted over all kinds of finger prints and hand prints - just gone! And feeling super grateful that we have zero popcorn ceilings in our house. Phew.

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