This week: 26 July 2017

This week we had friends here! Flew in from Vegas last Wednesday and we partied all week long (and our party definitely included daily naps). It was beyond fun watching all the kids play together (and funny to watch them fight like siblings by the end). And I think I'm convinced that I need to get me a 6 year old, so helpful. 


At home zoo: 

Mall of America Legos: 

Mall of America slime (which made fart noises and freaked out the twins): 

Getting thrown of the Chad/Leigh human tower: 

Double fisting it: 

Getting cuddles: 

Trying to catch a fish with a net (why?!): 

Playing on the driveway during a rain storm: 

And a million (okay, maybe a hundred) other fun things we didn't snap pictures of (and somewhere we got a few pictures of us, where did they go?! That's being the mom). It was such a great week, even with our AC unit going out and having a gas leak - we sure know how to host! But, now back to reality and choking down the new furnace and AC unit price tag. I hate reality. 

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