This week: 2 August 2017

This is the last picture I'm going to have of these girls in high chairs! We ditched them this week and they love their freedom. We're working on learning to stay at the table. Don't worry, cute stuff like this still happens, perhaps more. When someone is crying I tell the others to go give them hugs and loves - Blake hates it and hits them. She's a turd. But Wade and Blake are wonderful little comforters. Which is good, cause we seem to be having more melt downs. Especially in stores.

And then look at the turd:

Doesn't she just look like a perfect little hoodlum. She's got a little cold (again) with a low fever of 99. She's my worst sick kid. Wade will watch the iPad when sick. Jac will snuggle me. Blake wants me to hold her, but hits me in the face, then she cries when I put her down. It's exhausting. Hoping tomorrow she'll feel better after a good nice sleep.

These girls faces, haha:

This stupid chair is their favorite. It'll have to do until we get a play set and their sand pit in. I started working on that again this week, but I took a month off from pulling weeds and now I just need to torch my entire yard. I filled up my entire debris bin and two yard bags of weeds - some of them are as tall as me. How? It was one month! Ugh. In reality I'm  covering everything in black plastic so we can hit off the ground running next spring. But, also, the girls faces in this picture, are so funny.

Course, they can also just find play houses in random peoples yards to play with. They've done it twice in the last 24 hours. Different random people's play houses. But, what do you expect when you have a slide in your driveway? A couple of two year olds are supposed to just walk by? Not happening.

We pulled out a box of legos this week. My kids don't get it, but they do love them. We opened the box and they all started throwing them into the air like confetti, then they all pretended to eat them...then Blake really tried eat them (oh, she also found Stella's steak bone in the yard and started chewing on it, why is she so gross?!). And, Wade keeps sorting them, obviously.

We were at Chick Fil A this week (free breakfast, duh) and some kid wasn't listening to his mom, so she told he had to come out of the play place for a time out. Wade comes to me and says, "Mommy, he not listening to his mommy so she need to spank his butt." Ha, ha! You know how things go down in our house. I've started doing time outs with the girls, I find it so cute and funny when I tell them they need to go sit on the stairs and they run over in such distress. 

Here's the biggest news of the week:

We got our new HVAC system!!!!!!!!! We went a week and two days without AC. Nine days. We are so pathetic. We spent a lot more time in the basement, hurray for it looking awesome now. I had all the kids take naps down there, a down survived.

My fingernail is finally falling off (after I stuck my hand down the garbage disposal). It kinda hurts, if I press on it. But if I press on my other nails, they kind of hurt too, so it means nothing.

My parents celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary yesterday. So impressive.

Stella got infected anus glands this last week. Dogs are gross. Poor little mutt. But she's fine. But why not have a grouchy Blake, hot house, and dog with an infected butt.

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