This week: 30 August 2017


It feels like fall here. Already. Apparently Minnesota feels like August is an appropriate time to let leaves turn and the air turn crisp in the mornings. I've found myself on multiple occasions dressing my kids for the weather when we leave the house, just to have us all sweating when we get out of the car - it's t-shirts with a jacket weather. Here is one thing I won't miss about summer: 

I vacuumed twice today, and we weren't even home most the day! 

My favorite moment this week was yesterday morning. Blake slept in and when she woke up we were all in the kitchen and heard her cry on the monitor. The second she cried Jac yelled, "BAE!" and took off running - running so fast she almost ate it at least three times with the momentum taking her faster than her legs could manage. She ran up the stairs faster than me, opened their door, went straight to Blake's crib and hopped up on the side so they were face to face and they started chatting away. These kiddos sure do love each other. 

I have too many stories to tell this week. Everyone has been so busy. I was talking with the girls nursery leader today (her daughter is in my Mia Maid class) and she said how she understands if my house is never clean because my girls are so busy. Yes, yes they are. Her daughter has mentioned a few times that she knows about "the twins." Aw, crud, my girls are so needy that they're labeled and get talked about long after church is over. Oh, and I was talking to another woman and she didn't realize Wade was mine and she goes, "Oh! Wade is yours? He's so cute, but he's a spitter." What a bunch little fartfaces. Okay, but onto stories. 

When we leave the house Wade has started saying, " Bye house! Bye trash cans!" The girls mimic him, usually by just saying bye-bye and yelling, but Jac has started to say something that sounds like trash can - not house, only the important trash cans. I can only make out what she's saying in context, but still, she is mimicking so much! I can also tell the difference when she says sock and shoe! Okay, this was suppose to be about my weird three year old who's obsessed with garbage, but it turned into Jac talking. 

I told Wade we needed to go to the store. When we pull dup to Home Depot he goes, "Aw man! Not this store. I don't like this store. I want to go to the red store!" Apparently when I say we have to go to the store, he assumes we're going to Target. After we got what we needed he decided he liked the orange store too, but we still had to stop at Target. 

Here is Wade's hiding spot: 

The girls turned two last Saturday!! I posted about it here and dumped a lot of pictures. I loved two with Wade. Kids learning to talk is my favorite. And I'm so excited to be able to do more with them - like this year we'll be able to play in the snow more, they'll understand Halloween better, Christmas will be exciting. But, we also have to pay for them to fly now...

We didn't have a party, I decorated just for me. And cause I love their reactions when I put up decor, especially Blake. Everyone was so excited to come down and find strollers (good for ramming with), princess shoes, balloons and tu-tus. The balloons continue to take the place of babies in the strollers. Blake also really likes to take her milk cup for a walk. 

Blake had such a  good birthday morning get-up, but she was moving so fast she was always a blur. This was the only half okay one I got where you can see all the important things (stroller, shoes, skirt). 

They also got to celebrate with eating cake on the table. I don't know how they figured that this was a special occasion so they could probably get away with sitting on the table, but they figured it out and took advantage. 

Blake really figured out "cheese" in the last two weeks.

Curious about mommy's church shoes: 

Our old, broken broken stroller is much better for giving each other rides. 

Jac had a bit of a nightmare the other night, so I went and laid on their floor. When she woke up for the day she'd lay down until I looked at her and then give me a huge smile. I'd lay back down and she's lay back down and giggle at this fun slumber party (someone needs to tell her that the fun giggling part of sleep overs are supposed to be at night, not 5:45 in the morning).

Wade at a chocolate donut and got this little Charlie Chaplin mustache: 

Jac had a chocolate donut and had to have her clothes changed: 

Here's a normal cart configuration - notice Blake eating the cart. With everyone getting on and off as they please, without warning. Happy toddlers are free toddlers. Free toddlers make Costco trips very long and slow. At least there are snacks along the way. 

We bought passes to ValleyFair, a local amusement park. They're for the 2018 season, but you get one free time this year. So we went. It was so much fun, all my kids were snoring by the time we got out of the parking lot. We spent most the time at the splash pad where Wade hoarded a sea snail sprayer toy. Blake got splashed and immediately went to lay out on a chair (she's my child), but eased her way back in and ended up loving it probably the most. Jac kept stealing my phone and hiding it under towels so I wouldn't take it back, I finally had to start telling her she could put it in the backpack and I wouldn't touch it - she'd go play, but have to come back to check that I wasn't pulling a fast one on her. I bring cups everywhere to put snacks into, but they all figured out that they were better for playing in water (figured out after a few cup fulls of soggy snacks, ew), but they also wanted their snacks in them - so they'd eat their snacks, pour the remaining in my hands, play with their cups, then come back for me to pour the snacks back into their cups...repeat. I'd say next time I'll bring more cups, but I think then they'd just think that they needed two cups to play in the water with. They were happy. I also managed to successfully transfer every sleeping kid from the car to their beds for naps! It really was a perfect day. Here's Blake laying out, look at that girl lounge!

Jacqueline is a Dr Pepper girl. Husband gave her some root beer and she was so excited, but then took a sip and realized it wasn't DP. She switched her cup with Blake's, which had DP in it. Guess she's my child too. 

I've been trying to get Wade to dress himself more. He has no interest (today I told him he wasn't very good at it and he got so offended and went and put on his shoes all by himself. Kind of an oops, but also a win). On Sunday he was trying to put on his pants and I can hear him encouraging his pants and his legs/feet the whole time. "C'mon pants! Pull up! C'mon foot, C'mon foot!" There's more frustration than encouragement in his voice, but still adorable. 

My first sunflower started to bloom! They'll be showing off right when my mom gets here, giving her the real show (and hopefully camouflaging my weed forest). At what point to just wait for winter to kill all your weeds and just start fresh in the spring? I'm not sure what that point it, but I do know that I'm well passed it, I've admitted defeat this year. 

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