Two Two Year Olds!

Jacqueline is taking the "terrible two's" quite seriously - course, Blake isn't treating them as a laughing matter either.

Today we celebrated with donuts, tu-tu's, cake, princess shoes, baby strollers, chicken nuggets (with ranch), fries, sprinkles and ketchup.  And me making them take pictures - that was just me celebrating, but they didn't mind running around a park one bit. That is the ultimate dream, running free. Being able to be free and do what they want is simply their only desire, they don't get why I don't understand that...but they don't understand that I know that knives will hurt them, sleep is necessary, and diets need to contain more than just sugar and cheese.

Having these girls call me mommy (actually, they don't call me anything yet, they say dada and call banana's mama) is my favorite part of life (Wade too). Days are hard. These girls would've been hard if they came to us one at a time, but getting them together is an indescribable blessing.

Jacqueline loves to dance and jump. She's incredibly social and loves to share (when it's her idea, obviously). She demands laps and snuggles. Her newest game is musical chairs at dinner, so we all get a chance to sit by Jac, and she's always the last one at the table finishing everyone's food. She likes trying to dress herself and often finds herself tangled and immobilized. Shoes are very important (so are socks!) and going outside is life goal #1...well, #2, her primary goal is getting her hands on a  phone. She gets easily frustrated and likes to throw things and will even leave the room to find Blake to push. She's familiar with time outs and lays face on the ground for tantrums.

Blake has discovered a love of dance also - she really gets her arms into it, and is especially animated in the car. She's become a snuggler in recent weeks and really likes to be held (good things she's the light one). She has the best gibberish and points to tell me about things all day. Water is the best and is her #1 goal - washing hands, bath time, watering plants, puddles. She's always the first one by my side to help with cooking and and anything to do with the dishwasher. She's our best eater, happy with anything and consistent. She marches to the beat of her own drum and is often by herself exploring or playing. She gets her feelings easily hurt and lays face up for tantrums.

Here are the shots I got today, it's really hard taking pictures of two toddlers together.

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