This week: 27 September 2017

Jacqueline discovered her owl hat and wears it all the time. We had some fluke hot weather, but she would not take this off. She took a nap when it was 100 out in just her diaper and this hat and woke up sweating, still worth it in her eyes. And 5 minutes after we took this photo Blake stuck a bead up her nose. First time dealing with that - I feel like it won't be the last. 

Today everyone discovered sunflower seeds. I told them that the birds eat them, thinking that I was telling them to leave the seeds alone, they heard that they needed to gather the seeds for the birds. 

Wade was very efficient at making a bird salad - which turned to bird frosting, then into bird blueberries. 

These two have been partners in crime ...recently. I noticed it earlier this week at the park, they were going all over together and I heard Wade turn to Blake and say, "And now let's run together!!" It's like he's figured out that she's actually fun. Or that he can boss her around better than Jac. Whichever. 

At the grocery store Blake needed to be just like Wade and carry food on her head - not sure why Wade needed to carry food on his head though. 

We checked out a new park today (well, not one that's been in our regular rotation) and Wade kept asking if it had bark, I told him it had squishy ground and then he kept asking, with concern in his voice, "Are you sure you want me to play at park with squishy ground?!" He ended up approving. Especially cause it had a swing that everyone could go on together and mom would actually push them on. 

Discovered that powdered donuts are the worst. There is still powder everywhere. How does it do that? And, please note Jacqueline's headband she put on herself, yet she still won't keep on any hair thing I apply. 

Again, these two. Partners. Jac's off snuggling her baby. They both thought this apple peeler was the coolest - like, coolest of the cool. Tomorrow we're going to make an apple cake, just so they can peel lots of apples. 

I looked everywhere for Blake's milk bottle one morning. Should've checked here first. 

The girls played in the dirt one day for over an hour. This is the face of happiness. Even if she looks annoyed, that's just cause mommy is trying to take a picture. I took a bunch of other pictures too. Cause little busy babies in the sunshine, I couldn't resist. Posted here

Turns out you don't need wheels to push a stroller. Added plus, it makes a really annoying scraping noise. 

I ran over a nail and when we went to get it fixed we found out that the tire was in too bad of shape to fix, so we had to get new tires. Annoying, but at least we're going into winter with good tires! And we got to stand around and watch the cars drive by on the race track. And then we got to wait for our friends to pick us up and play with car seats on the lawn - how fun is that?!!

Wade keeps running to our car and yelling, "To the black car!" as if it's his own personal bat mobile. 

Today we went to our neighbor's, down the street and on the way home Wade said, "Let's run! Can I hold your hand?" and then, "Now let's sing!! The food song: Food, food, food!" Running with that little hand in mine singing the food song (what a weirdo) was such a lovely moment. This kid is happy. He knows he is loved. 

Wade's been making "art installations" recently. Ones like this: 

He cut up a bunch of paper and put them on the fridge with magnets. He was so excited to show me and explain it to me (in such detail!). He also put a bunch of dice in the rug the other day - took him over an hour, I should've taken a picture. He was so proud and I just cleaned it up like it was nothing. I also keep getting flowers too, like this: 

Thanks kid. He has figured out that we put picked flowers in water. I think it's cause he helped me pick these lovelies: 

I decorated for Halloween this week (I couldn't wait any longer!!) and Wade asks in and says, "I guess the Halloween looks pretty good." Thanks kid. These are what spurred the decoration frenzy: 

Great additions that might become permanent fixtures!! Oh, and those dahlia's are from my garden!! And here are my hexagon shelves that I made with my mom, up in the girls room. Loving them! 

I successfully did my first engagement photo session. Here's a favorite: 

I had their photo's about 90% edited and I went to finish and Lightroom did something weird (still not sure what, it told me I needed to verify my email and then maybe it rebooted?) and lost all the edited photos. Then it wouldn't let me upload the photos again. Husband had to step in and help - he was googling and on forums and he finally did a huge work around to get me so I could start re-editing. It was not fun. But, I got them edited fast and off the the engaged couple. Phew. 

I got myself involved with planning their wedding, which is too much fun for me. I really should get to my huge list of projects on my house, but I couldn't resist! She was stressed about her small budget and I started making some suggestions and now we're going to look at flowers together. Making a budget stretch and creating something beautiful?! My favorite. I've realized that I love entire projects - start to finish. I don't love making curtains, but I love making them as a piece of the whole. I have some pillows I want to make, but haven't gotten to it because I don't really love doing that, but if I were working on a room makeover, I'd whip up some pillows so fast. Just an interesting insight I've figured out about myself. Oo, ooh, I also picked up a project of helping my Mia Maids put on a stake dance. So many fun things! Using my talents all over the place.  

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