This week: 20 September 2017

I just wrote October in the post title. Apparently this month isn't going fast enough for me. I mean, I do really really want to pull out my halloween decor. And my front door is already in full fall swing. It has mums, that's really it. We planted mums. And I'm not sure how long they'll last cause Wade keeps watering them.

Let's start with a Wade story. Warning: profanity. Wade's favorite character on Troll is Smidge, but when he says his name it comes out bitch. Smidge also says "oh my God" twice and we've had several discussion about how we don't take the Lord's name in vain, so only Smidge says that, we don't. Well, yesterday this conversation happened and I somehow kept it together. 

"Bitch says oh my God. But I don't say that. I say oh my gosh. Only bitch says oh my God. I don't like when bitch say oh my God. I only say yoyo." 

He said it all so matter o'fact. Smidge says YOLO at one point, hence Wade's yoyo comment. Now everyone in my house yells YOLO/YOYO all the time. Our vocabulary is so hip. 

Jacqueline has started counting with me! Twice in the last day she's even said a number before I do! This morning we were on speaker with Husband and I showed him and he could even hear her mimicking the sounds and when I said five she said six! How cool is that? Also means that we count a lot - for time outs, for sharing, for transitioning, for calming down from tantrums...lots of counting. 

 Saturday we were at the park with our kids and our niece. Our niece went over to the kid rock climbing wall and scurried right up. I saw a lightbulb go on in Blake's eyes and she went right over and climbed right up! Jac got on one stone and whimpered until she got down and Wade was nervous and freaked out the whole time, even though my hand was holding his butt, supporting his weight and propelling him forwards. Blake's our climber. She was so proud. I was so proud!

Since we had our niece with us we had to take two cars. Wade was so excited to ride in daddy's car - even without a carseat (the park is less than a mile away). He was very weary and kept telling me that he needed to sit in his carseat and did not believe us when we told him it would be fine. Rule follower and enforcer to the end. 

No story here. Just baby bums and happy kiddos. Also, really dirty post-beach water. Almost drained and refilled it. 

Wade got to help daddy aerate the lawn. He thought it was cool, but mostly he just LOVES helping. Helping with anything, he's just thrilled. 

At church Wade played with a kid from his class who was sitting in front of us. He came over to tell us that, "I have a friend under the table! He brought a sea turtle!" It was a teenage mutant ninja turtle toy, but Wade is more of a sea turtle kinda fan. Somehow they were all quiet and shared. Remarkable. 

Sunday evening I made a little fire so we could have s'mores. Wade hates getting sticky, so he just ate chocolate. But he did learn about fire sticks and making smoke with them. Oooo, you can see Stella in the corner of this picture eating half a dropped s'more. 

Blake loved her s'more. When she eats sandwich type things she turns it sideways and goes to town on the middle. Always turns her into a disaster, but guess she's figured out where all the good stuff is kept. 

We've had a lot of issues with sharing recently. Not that you're surprised. I told Wade that he can have three toys each day that are just his and he doesn't have to share them and he can keep them in his room. Well, that's translated into anything in his room is off-limits and he's started hoarding toys in there. It's semi-working. Anyway, since it's off-limits now the girls are SUPER interested in all the blocks and toys regularly stored there. Sometimes Wade doesn't know until hours later that there were trespassers, but he always knows and freaks out. But these girls are finally getting into building towers more! It's hard to be three and have to share with two little sisters, but it's also hard to be a little sister who never gets to do basic developmental stuff cause your brother hoards everything! I guess that's why Blake is usually off climbing something and Jac is always after my phone. 

Having all the Halloween costumes out is obviously a blast. This donut was the highlight and had to be eaten, complete with "nom nom nom" sounds. Whenever we walk by the costumes I talk to Wade about what he wants to be and he always tells me, "I just want to be nothing. I just want to be Wade. Stop talking bout it." With all the attitude and annoyance that a three year old can muster. 

Here's a shot taken by a girl. One of many on my phone. 

We went to IKEA and met up with friends. It was a fiasco. There were four other kids not pictured. And I forgot to grab what I went for. 

We are again having weird 80 degree days, so we're still heading out to the park! On Monday it rained and I was so grateful I could finally stay in and mop my floor. 

Jac has started demanding that I sit next to her. She'll screech/yell/chat at me loudly and point her finger at the seat next to her. Sometimes she pats or rubs the seat. She's even started getting the sounds for "seat" in her demands as well.

Blake has decided that he new favorite game is opening her mouth really wide and getting me to do the same. She'll climb onto my lap, face me, look my in the eye and then open her mouth until I do it. Then she laughs and we keep opening our mouths wide. So weird. She used to (and still does) see food she wanted to eat from across the room and open her mouth wide as she ran to the food. Now she does it randomly when she sees me and wants to play our bazaar game.

And one more Wade conversation. Er, monologue:

"Mommy, Mr. PotatoHead keep talking bout chocolate cake. But I tell him, 'no, it not for lunch,' but he just keep talking bout it!"

That Mr. PotatoHead is one shady dude. Trying to tempt my Wade to eat chocolate cake (which we didn't have).

Tomorrow is my first engagement photo shoot! I am excited. And nervous. I know I'll get good shots, but want to get great ones. And a variety. That's why I'm getting practice. I've been looking up all sorts of new photography toys I now 'need.'

I continue to hit my head against a few stubborn stumps in my yard. Working on cleaning out my garage (again...still). And getting ready to switch the girls to toddler beds (which obviously entails a little bedroom redo, duh!). Along with the continuous food, laundry and dishes (I had a friend recently tell me that laundry and dishes are to help us understand the concept of eternity! Haha, now I think of that every single time...which is a lot).

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