This week: 6 September 2017

This week. My mom is in town (wonderful) and my children are embarrassing, tiring and terrible (terrible). We've been doing all kinds of stuff - especially splitting up fights, stopping bites, waiting on children throwing tantrums on the floor, coaxing food - y'know, all the fun things you want to do on vacation. But we also went thrifting, got free lunch AND dinner at Chick-Fil-A, played and played and played. Hoping grandma will still come back. 

We took family pictures today, it wasn't amazing. But we got some good shots (posted here), this is one of my favorites, getting promised ice cream by Daddy if they cooperated a little longer. They didn't, but still got ice cream. 

Blake has been so tired that I've been able to successfully transfer her to her crib on multiple occasions. She's been the snuggliest little goober. 

Jac can say Trolls and asks for it regularly. We watch it daily. It's how she gets her exercise, she jumps and dances to every song. 

Papa Billa sent over this hilariously huge tennis ball. It's been a big hit. Thus far it has been the demise of one of my plants. Okay, not demise, it just got tipped, it's seen worse. 

Speaking of plants - my Zinnia's are attracting so many butterfly's! We had over 10 at once and Wade thought it was so cool. 

Blake wanted to sit right in the middle of all of them (and fall over my plants. Cause, of course). 

I'm always the worst at my blogs when people are in town, I can't think of a single great story from this week. I'm sure there have been some. 

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