This week: 13 September 2017

Today we went to the beach! And got in the water! Mid-September and we've got mid-80's going on. Here. In Minnesota. We've got these great, crisp fall mornings, changing leaves, pumpkin flavored snacks AND swimming weather. It's fantastic.

Grandma was here until last Saturday. Kids played on the basketball court (lots) and we worked on covering my entire weed forest with tarps. It was so fulfilling, and now when we get to a project in the back yard we can get right to it, not have to spend weeks pulling weeds first. Woohoo!

We got this purple SUV car at a thrift store for $12.50 at the 50% Labor Day sale. It's been a ginormous hit, starting at the thrift store where it needed to be driven and rammed into stuff the whole time. The greatest part about it is that it has a trunk that folds down for another rider - add that to the fact that the hood is considered a seat by my kids, and you can fit everyone in/on this car for a ride. Course you have to convince someone to sit in the actual driver seat. 

Wade is a huge fan cause he can hoard lots of stuff in the trunk. We made him switch to the lame ol' red car and there was much weeping and wailing, mostly because he couldn't fit all his treasures (trash). I finally helped him, he just needed a little side car basket.

 Wade decided daily that he didn't need quiet time, but he was so good playing on his own that we didn't push it (oh the things one gets away with when Grandma is in town and mom really just wants to get stuff done). He figured out scissors this week and would tell us that he needed the white scissors to cut the leaves and flowers. And he would do just that. Course we had to have some discussions about only walking with scissors and that it's not a good idea to stand around opening and shutting them as fast as you can.

And I think you need a quick zoom out to really appreciate the habitat this little boy created for himself: 

And we really gave him plenty to cut (course, not those perfect yellow petals, those were collected off my sunflowers. We also caught him one time deciding to cut a bunch of buds of my flowers. Little turd). But we had bundles and bundles of debris - it felt so good getting it all out of my yard. And we even got to watch the debris garbage truck come and take it all away! 

I was grateful we were watching from a window, cause I was a little embarrassed about how much he had to haul. 

Blake also loved our weed pulling, she decided to collect berries. Nightshade berries. Awesome. I know that she likes to collect berries, so I was keeping an eye on her and not letting her play with them. Well, she got herself a little handful and maybe ate one. I don't actually know. She had two really ripe ones that got smashed and a dot got on her face. She did this all really sneaky and fast (maybe 10 seconds) cause she knew I would tell her no and take them away. I called poison control, they were so nice and helpful. Turns out you really need to try to get them to poison you. Phew. She was fine. And super glad that all the nightshade is (currently) irradicated from my yard. 

I was doing some yard work and sitting on a towel. Everyone had to sit with me on the towel, cause...duh. Blake was on my lap while Wade and Jacqueline were bickering and fighting and being all around annoying on this little towel (cause the whole yard isn't an option? Must've all been lava except this cool, safe towel). Wade finally starts whining that Jac is biting him - I intervene at biting. But I look and she isn't, she's just getting right in his space with her mouth open, just taunting him. Haha. Such a little stinker! 

While my mom was here we built a bunch of hexagon shelves for the girls room (the same ones I made with my young women - realized how easy they were and went to town!). The girls thought they were the coolest, even before they went on the walls. Also, note the necklace on Jac and the socks in her hand - both of utmost importance these days. Which is good cause she's the one with stinky feet and her love of socks is helping with that. On Sunday she went to church with a tu-tu under her dress, two bracelets and two necklaces, but would not stand for a bow in her hair. 

 Jacqueline discovered a light-up, singing, Elsa doll. She was enamored. Completely in love. Surprisingly, she put it back on the shelf on her own (well, with my coaxing). It was pricey, otherwise I would've bought it. My kids love looking at toys, of course, but rarely do they fall in love with one. I think I know what this girl needs for Christmas (what?! How is Christmas already on my mind?).

 This post bath silly:

So much happens when I pee. Did you know that two decks of cards could cover an entire kitchen and the culprits could make it to the backyard all in the minute it takes me to pee and wash my hands? Or that it's the best time to eat dog food? Well, I heard someone getting themselves cereal. I thought it was Wade, but, sadly, was wrong. 

Luckily Stella was outside, so I was able to salvage most of it. That's motherhood, eating frosted flakes off the floor - a floor that really needs to be cleaned. But she's so cute and sweet, I just decide that frosted flakes sound pretty good. 

Here's that cuteness I was speaking of: 

Wade was in the bath while I was getting girls in pajama's and he tells me he went pee. I'm thinking, glad you're the only one in there, enjoy your pee bath. But he keeps telling me and finally I look over and he's holding a cup out to me. I asked if he peed in the cup, and he told me (full of pride), "Yes!" Ha, so gross. But, also, effective - cause who wants to get out of a fun bath to pee? 

I've been working on my photography (I especially need to work on editing now!) and I've booked two engagement sessions in the next two weeks! I am so excited. "Booked" is perhaps the wrong term, since I'm doing them for free so I can get more practice and add them to my portfolio, but still very excited. And a little nervous. Mostly excited. 

Other than that (all that!) I'm busy trying to get my yard ready for fall and winter. With all the work put in, I'm already looking forward to next year! And we're trying to get out to enjoy the nice days - tomorrow we're headed to an orchard - I better dress everyone cute so we get cute pictures, cause always. 

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