This week: 4 October 2017

This week the medicine cabinet got a lock on it (Blake), water bottles are not longer allowed in the car (Blake), and all the scissors are now stored on top of the fridge (Wade). 

We scored this firetruck for $5 at Goodwill. It has been the cause of several fights. It's a pretty big deal. Wade had to wheel it out to the car himself. 

We also bought a garbage truck (for Christmas) - this would be after we drove around our neighborhood for a solid 15 minutes following the garbage men, watching them pick up all the trash.

Wade newest garbage obsession is actually recycling. He figured out that there are symbols that mean recycle and he always points them out to me, sometimes corrects me so I put it in the right bin. 

I was cleaning the garage and Wade was supposed to be having quiet time (which, he was...just not in his room) but I found him in the kitchen like this. Sorting fruit loops. In his underwear. It was like a kids version of money laundering.

We brought a few trolls this week. Blake hoards them all and chatters about them endlessly. One is helping her play the piano here. On an overturned bench, cause that's how we roll in this house. And, let me tell you, nothing makes our house seem bigger than trying to find a tiny troll. 

All three kids have decided that they love group hugs. Wade calls it their favorite trick. If someone is crying then the other two will go hug them, seriously the sweetest. And then it deteriorates into a hugging, wrestling match. Lots of giggles. 

It was raining outside and my kids were looking outside with such longing in their eyes. It's going to be a long winter. 

Daddy brought home donuts this morning. Then he left. Thanks daddy. 

It brings me great joy to get matching jammies at two different thrift stores at different times. Makes me feel like I'm winning at my favorite game. 

 Here's my new side hustle:

It's a table! Husband's brother game to me with a proposition to make and sell tables. Here's our first one, should be ready to post this weekend! The legs are in the first picture and the bottom is the table top. It's our own design and everything. So much cutting, ripping and sanding. But creating something is so rewarding. 

Took pictures of pictures of my friend's kids this week and I could not narrow down the images cause they were so cute, so I got lots of editing practice. Look at this beauty: 

And I'm getting ready to help a friend shoot a wedding this weekend (!!!) and having my first night away without kids since...well, since having kids! And then prepping to go to Georgia next week, woohooo!! Busy, busy, busy. 

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