This week: 18 October 2017

Missed last week cause we were in Georgia with family - and since I was with the majority of my readership, I skipped. The trip was so lovely (even with sick babies), and I'll get to that in a moment, but first, I believe I must start with here: 

Sunday was the primary program and Wade was a complete disaster. I could not have asked for a more entertaining program. He didn't want to go up and sing, so he crawled up, then rolled up the stairs. Barrel rolling like he was in an action movie. I was trying to tell him he needed to get up and sing, but I was laughing too hard. I finally told him he could sing from the steps - I envisioned him sitting on the steps, instead this is what I got: butt in the air, under wearing poking out the top of his pants, and seeing just enough of his face to see that he was, in fact, singing. 

Soooo, Georgia. We started by going to the ORIGINAL Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. It had a little door that kept drawing Wade away from the table. 

Blake decided that Papa Billa was pretty awesome. On the second day she got a cold and would still let him comfort her. 

Jacqueline figured out that she who charms the most gets the most nummies. Or the most phone time. The main motivation for going down was for my grandma to meet my kids (and Husband, they've never met!), and Jacqueline went right over to grandma first thing, as if previously bribed - it was adorable and heartwarming. 

We found doll shoes amongst Aunt Karen's wonderful toys - I figured the twins would love putting the shoes on the dolls. Nope. They kept trying to put them on themselves - Blake kept trying the whole week and was continuously disappointed and frustrated. 

We went to a petting zoo. Jac was in heaven - complete with shrieks of glee! But I learned that she isn't a huge fan of bird, they make her nervous. When we were flying out there was a pigeon and she kept a death grip on Husband. 

The best part of the zoo is that we got to go with my cousin and his youngest, who is the same age as my girls. It was funny as they all looked at each other and it dawned on them that they were all the same size and should probably become a posse. Lucy kept calling my girls her friends. 

Jac petting a bunny. Heaven. 

Chickens. See that Jac trying to hide behind grandma's legs. 

Wade thought feeding the animals was awesome. He was way braver than I expected. He and Lucy also had a good time together - new friends are always wonderful.  

Looking at these pictures I'm feeling guilty that they're all of Jacquline! Animals are just her things and she was so in love the whole times. 

Mama Billa is the best. She sat on this stupid spinny toy at the park with every single kid. And pushed them on the swings. 

The pool was an obvious hit - always present, always tempting. 

We laugh that we really didn't do much on this vacation. Just enjoyed the warm weather and great food (I haven't been able to wear jeans since) and pajamas all day.

My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday while we were there (today is actually her birthday!). 

All these little people together. It desperately made me want to live nearby (except for the heat and humidity. And traffic). The three two year old and the boys. Oh man, those boys. Even with a few years gap, they immediately started running and doing boy things. 

Wade really figured out that he could read to himself. Obviously not really read, but he saw all the older kids do it, so he decided he needed to too and kept telling me what all the books were about and making up the stories. 

See these boys: they were two peas in a pod. Playing legos, running (boys must run!) and talking so much. They were definitely each other gabbing equals - they kept interrupting each other and saying "it's my turn to talk!" or "let me tell my story!" Haha! 

The girls figured out how to climb out of their cribs the Sunday before we left, then they got sick - so I mostly slept on the floor with them while in Georgia. It wasn't my favorite, but did have many sweet moments. And my girls finally figured out how to snuggle!! Jac liked snuggling into my back and Blake insisted on always being my little spoon. One night Jac cried so I snuggled her - Blake woke up from dead sleep and crawled over Jacqueline and moved my arm to lay in her spot. An added benefit is that they snuggled my on the way home and both fell asleep. It was a genuine miracle. 

We got home and found that Stella had pooped in the house three times (including on the couch and "buried" in one of the girls blankets) and while I was cleaning that up, Blake was a disaster and cried/coughed hard and threw up. It was a great welcome home - but very glad it didn't happen two hours earlier. I calmed her down and put her to bed, she fell asleep within 10 seconds. 

Wade's been playing with a plunger. At least he's wearing pants. 

This is Wade's paper pirate ship. "Mommy, look with your face at my pirate ship! There's pirates on it! But don't worry mommy, they'er not real pirates, they're paper pirates." 

The unicorn horn needed to be out the window. 

Discovered that my girls like salad. 

My mother in law came in town for a quick trip - she helped my brother in law drive a car back from California. I didn't know she was in town until she was literally 20 minutes from my house. It was lovely to have her, per usual. Yesterday she took my kids to the farm all day. She met up with her two sisters and my littles came back smelling of dirt, sunshine and essential oils - exactly what I'd expect from a day at the farm with the aunts. And my kids came back the happiest I've ever seen them. And I had a day off that was beyond wonderful and rejuvenating. I got my hair cut, ran multiple errands, went out to lunch with Husband. I enjoyed the break and enjoyed getting my littles back. 

Went and checked out a new park today. Jac was throwing a tantrum when I took this shot. 

But it's the middle of October and we're in short sleeves!! 

Almost finished with our first table: 

It's looking so cool! We needed to reconfigure the support a little, but hopefully we'll get it don't soon. 

I also have been taking pictures a bunch, I even have my first few paid gigs scheduled! It's really so exciting and I'm enjoying it immensely. Everywhere I go find myself seeing good places to take pictures, especially on the side of the road. 

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