This week: 27 December 2017

Some great thrift store finds: 

I did not buy the cabinet. But did take the contents home with me. Sometimes you just need to be inside things. And sometimes your toast needs to be eaten inside the hall closet. 

Which is a super fun thing to do with your sister, not so fun with big brother (Blake's face is so good in both. Happiness then despair). 

Oatmeal has become a favorite around here. Cause, sprinkles. This week I decided to join in on the fun...it's not good. 

Wade's been calling it Christmas oatmeal (cause we've been using Christmas sprinkles), he's showing you his trees: 

Jac's ready for the day. Who cares that it's so cold our garage door has decided to act up and our front door creaks in protest - but Jac doesn't need clothes.

 Except, by the way, they do need pants- cause they figured out how to take off their diapers, so pants must be worn at all times. I wasn't there when it happened, but I guarantees it was Blake who started it. 

We went to a JV basketball game this week. Blake really liked that she could walk up and down the bench with one foot up on the seat and one on the floor. Wade liked telling me all about his chocolate milk and fries (we got McDonald's). And Jac, well, Jac just loved the game. She sat there totally mesmerized. She clapped when they scored (or when everyone else clapped) and her head turned to follow the players up and down the court. She loved it. All Husband's ever wanted, a kid that's into sports (which, Wade's favorite sport to watch with him is basketball, so surprised he wasn't more into it, but there was chocolate milk). 

My girls finally have hair long enough to be trolls! I almost cropped Wade out, but his face is too good. And the girls thought their hair was hilarious - me washing it out is still not appreciated. 

Christmas Eve Sunday snuggle fest! We all got comfortable (for the first time ever - this never happens naturally!) and then smelled poop. Course I'm sure the picture perfect moment would've been ruined soon anyway. It was Blake. 

These little people have really been the cutest, snuffliest, most fun little people. Probably cause we've been moving at the speed of snails, just taking everything slow. Holidays are really the best. 

We made a Christmas Eve fort (all normal stuff, but done on Christmas Eve, so it's special) and we even put a light up star in it! So glad they were all in their cute Sunday clothes, making all the pictures so cute. 

Santa stopped by our house early and left Troll and Paw Patrol blankets and stuffed animals. They were so excited and laid down with them immediately. Now we have a bunch more things that we need to find before they can fall asleep. 

The girls both got two Troll dolls and an Elsa doll and Jac has the huge dilemma of trying to carrying them all everywhere with her. But look at that happy face!

And later that day Jac got jacked. Wade says he didn't hit her. He says a toy hit her...we're pretty sure it was a toy he was holding. The most blood we've had from a child to date. Required an outfit change for three of us and Wade was freaking out from the mess. She finally got calmed down and then fell down the stairs. It was a rough 15 minutes. And the rest of the day she kept having a runny nose that was laced with blood  - she basically looked like she was in full zombie makeup all day. 

Aunt Jeanette showed her how to put olives on her fingers (important knowledge to complete a childhood). 

And the girls decided that Aunt Jeanette needed to hold them. Both of them. And Aunt Jeanette didn't know how to say no to their cuteness. 

Day after Christmas all the kids got handed devices while I cleaned. Really, Jac found a phone and I didn't want to deal with the fall out of taking it away from her - so I let it go. Blake took the opportunity to have run of Wade's room. 

Girls resisted a nap, and the second I put them in the car, Blake was out. Such a stink pot. 

We tore apart our closets so we could put in our Christmas present (pictures later in the post!) and I had to put my jewelry box down low - which Blake immediately found and spent ample time there today. 

The girls undressed my Christmas today. Which happened a lot this season. But this time I just put them away. Apparently that's how I'll be cleaning up this year. 

Husband's gift wrap job needs to be documented: 

Here's out Christmas present!! An electric fireplace that husband's brother put into the wall for us! So excited to turn on before getting into the shower and not freezing to death when I get out. 

Made sugar cookies with royal icing. First time. Kinda love them. They don't taste great, but they're pretty. And my kids still loved them. 

And I found this art installation in Wade's closet. He said he's been working on it for days. 

Other random things from the week: 

1. Husband won his fantasy football league! It's a couple hundred bucks, not complaining about that! 
2. Made the best banana bread! Here's the key: no add ins! No nuts, no chocolate chips. 
3. Jac's been showing her Elsa doll to everyone - if you come over (or video chat) she'll shove her in your face and yell "ELSA!!!" 
4. I noticed that Blake has started biting Jac's blanket when she's mad - like it's the ultimate offense. 
5. Wade was sitting on a spinny chair at Husband's office while eating lunch and was getting so mad and kept saying, "My chair is being weird! I need it to stop being weird so I can eat!" 
6. Christmas night I was talking to Wade about the day and he said his favorite part was getting his garbage truck from his cousins, then going to aunt Jeanette's house, then cleaning up all the trash at jeanette's house with "that girl" (Jeanette's niece). Such a weird kid, but I will say that Christmas with a trash loving kiddo sure gets cleaned up fast! 

Oh, and this week Travis and I finished our first table! 

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