This week: 20 December 2017

I'm making Husband corn bread for his work pot luck tomorrow and I ran down to the basement for more baking soda just to realize the recipe calls for baking powder...which was right in my cupboard. And then I came back up to Netflix shaming me by asking if I was still watching Park and Rec - yes, Netflix, I am!

It's my birthday! I'm 31 today. What a boring age. But my friends and Husband made this year pretty awesome. We dropped off kids at my friends house (which they went right in and couldn't care less about me as soon as they saw their friend - makes me so happy) and had a lunch date at an all-you-can-eat sushi/hibachi place - it was so good, a definite new favorite. We didn't take any pictures (cause why would we? Except I did look awesome), but I did get a picture of this lovely girl:

She was so mad I made her leave a little purse filled with princess dominos. So mad at me. I was just talking to me mom today about how Jacquline finds things that are totally her thing and she HAS to have them/wear them (usually wear them) and she apparently decided that she needed this dominos purse. This week her princess shoes were added to her must wear list: 

Along with dresses. And pink. She wanted to put on her Sunday dress when she saw it on Monday, I convinced her to wear this dress, which she was gleeful about and shrieked "PINK!" while she chucked the red Sunday dress. Then she dug through the pants drawer and was thrilled when I showed her the pink leggings. She did wear this exact outfit to Chick-Fil-A. Plus socks. Blake let me dress her normal, but then found her Minnie Mouse nightgown and she had to wear that. That afternoon the kids had an applesauce fight (why?!) and all got thrown in the bath. I got Jac out, put a diaper on her, turned around to get Blake out and immediately found this: 

Wouldn't let me put pajamas on her and kept saying she was cold, but no jammies. 

Okay, back to my birthday! Cause, me. On Saturday night I had a birthday party and it was mermaid themed. And I decorated. It was so fun. I am so grateful to have such amazing friends here. And grateful that I found the most obnoxious mermaid unitard the night before for $3.88. 

Food table. Notice the silverware int eh candlesticks. The shell chocolates. The pearl clamshell cupcakes. So cute.

And my kelp forest. That didn't picture as cool as it was. And there was blue lights going down the stairs - also pictured super lame. My kids really loved this. Wade's already talking about doing this for his birthday party next year. 

And my shower cap jelly fish bloom! 

Found this creepy doll this week: 

I'm a fool and introduced stickers into our home. The sticker books get put away, but the papers with mounds of stickers on them do not ....so, stickers everywhere. The other day I was getting into the shower and found a sticker on my bum. How did that even happen? Also, we now have three of these dolls. It's Jac's favorite and her's is nasty, so I bought a replacement, but now she carries round two. Clean baby and nasty baby. And Blake needed one, of course. 

Jac keeps doing this and she's so proud: 

Blake continues to always find things to be in. My mom was going through pictures for a Christmas project and was laughing at Blake being a cat and always finding stuff to be in. 

This cubby hole rocked and she thought it was hilarious! 

One afternoon the girls thought eating chips laying down on the counter was the best things ever. 

And Blake found another thing to be in: 

Jac has figured out traffic lights (kinda) and she squeals "GREEN!" when the light turns green. To be matched with Blake yelling "GO!" to me when we're stopped at red lights. We're a very loud car. 

Our house was really cold one day and I realized I had a candle lit under the thermostat - it thought our house was 104 degrees. Another morning our house was really cold and I realized (in the afternoon) that a window was open from when we were making dinner the night before. I'm an amazing adult. 

I don't have a single picture of Wade this week?! He's such a little protagonist, but also the sweetest. He's become a really big helper (when he chooses). And his memory! I told him on Monday after preschool that tomorrow we have Chick-Fil-A, then two more preschools, one more church and then it's Christmas! We were just talking, but he remembered! On the way home from Chick-Fil-A he said that now there was only two more preschools and one more church. Then last night he told me that after preschool today then there would be only one more preschool until Christmas (I know it was only 2-1=1, but he figured out that math!). 

Last week I was saying how I was trying to ward off a migraine. Well, I got one. It was terrible. Maybe the worst I've had in years. My kids were so good to me - giving me kisses and even stroking my hair. And they had movies and devices all day and they were thrilled. Since this episode I've started sleeping without a pillow. The curvature of my neck is pretty non-exsistent and I've really been feeling when I lay on my pillow, cause it props my head forward. Anyway, I gave it a go and now I've found internet research to support it, so it must be legit! But I haven't woken up with a headache since switching. Here I'm still sporting the pillow, but this is my migraine day, and I looked awesome. And my sheets. Got these king sheets for $12. 

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my Christmas tree ugly sweat ensemble. 

Husband borrowed a Grinch sweater (party pooper) and when we did our costume cat walk he stole all the presents and the tree (me) and carried them off, it was pretty funny. 

And my tree skirt (she had candy in those presents, so awesome!)

The whole group. In all it's inappropriate glory.

And cause I can't just pick one stupid picture: 

Really, and no pictures of Wade. 

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