2018 chapter five: January 31

I can't think of what to write! This has never happened to me. Speechless? Don't worry, I'll persevere. 

I have a cold. Just a small one. I've kept it at bay with echinacea, elderberry syrup (homemade), essential oils, lymph facial massages, vitamin c, zinc. All the crazy voodoo. 

I had to cut  the hair off of Stella's butt cause she kept leaving poop turds everywhere that were dangling and stuck. Poor nasty thing. But it's so cold I don't want to get her groomed! So, she's nasty. 

Sold the table we made!! Then the lady and I broke it while loading it into the truck. Face palm. But she really wants it, so fixed it tonight and we're delivering tomorrow. 

Jac's been picking out her clothes. One day she picked this out of the clean laundry. It's mine. I put it on her and figured she realize it wasn't her shirt, but she loved it and wore it all day. Well, not all day, she had to take it off and have me keep putting it back on her. She does that a lot, undressing and redressing. I have to hid all the clothes, cause if she finds them then she must wear them. Laundry day is fun (and almost every day is laundry day around here). 

She also invented a nice fruit snack in ranch dish. I don't expect it to be a hit. Well, not with the general public, I think she might make this a regular...at lest when she can manage it. 

Wade found himself some post it note pads and glue sticks from a none kid drawer (they're all getting into non-kid drawers this week). He made sandwiches out of them. I found him hiding under the piano making them. 

The final product. Which he loving shared with Jacqueline. Then had to make another one for Blake. Then they all torn them to smithereens and I have post its' and torn up glued paper all over my house. It's not even weird now. 

 Blake's a self colorer. I think I've said that before. I have to watch her like a hawk. She snuck under the table while I was grabbing Jac some fallen markers - I wonder if they planned that? She's always very proud of her artwork.

Jac got herself out a block of cheese. Actually Wade got it out and took some "bits" out of it, then handed it off to Jac. 

I was putting Wade down and he said, "I guess I sick too. I coughsing. Guess I ate too much boogers." What?! Ewwww!! But I've read they're supposed to build the immune system? 

I finally put the doors back on the vanity in the master bathroom. This was Husband's project from last summer (while I did the basement) and he declared that he lost steamed, so we've gone 8 months without drawers. Husband said we need to finish our projects before he'll help me with more. Oddly all the projects that need finishing are his projects....Anyways, I got this done in an afternoon so I can hopefully talk him into knocking out Wade's closet (he said months ago that he'd do it, but I'm sure he's willfully forgotten). 

My mia maids threw a dance this weekend! I really made them be in charge, so when people asked what time they were needed to set up, I honestly didn't know! It was pretty fun - but I was a crazy person that made everything be sectioned out into dixie cups so that there wouldn't be bowls of flu infested gold fish - I get a daily update from Husband on how bad the nations flu epidemic is. Oh, and I made 200 mini-cupcakes for the dance. 

Wade got a booster seat that I absolutely hate - simply cause I have to buckle Wade into the real car buckle every time and I have to stick my hands between all the squished car seats. He got the new booster months ago, but I've never complained about. And one must complain to be heard. Ha. Also, a few weeks ago the radio fuse blew in the car too. We're a happy, squishy, un-able-to-drown-out-cries group. 

I did another coat of paint on Wade's room. It's hard to paint a room that you can only paint when your kids are sleeping, but the room houses one of the said sleeping kids. But, getting there!  

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