2018 Chapter four: January 24

I'm currently sitting here putting socks and shoes on Blake's hands. She woke up when I opened the garage door, d'oh! Let's start by saying that things are a lot better around here this week, cause...sleep. We took the girls lightbulbs and locked them in their room so there was no option except sleep. And it worked. And then they started sleeping until 8 am again and taking regular, longer naps. They were down to 9-10 hours of sleep every 24 hours, and now we're up to 14-15. Sleep is a beautiful thing. 

Before Blake woke up, my plan was to say something about how sad all of Minnesota is that the Vikings lost on Sunday. We've never hoped to get our hopes up so high, but we did. Perhaps it was a blessing that less than 12 hours later we welcomed a storm, so we couldn't pity ourselves for long. Well, it was a blessing for me, cause I don't actually care and if we didn't get covered in snow, I'd likely have to talk to people about it - although it was fun to pretend to care for a few weeks. Anywho, the storm! The most snow I've gotten in a single dump since living in MN. Depending on what side of the driveway you measure, we got 12-24 inches. Husband came home early from work on Monday and went in late Tuesday (waiting for the roads to clear, he tried to go in on time and made it out of our driveway...just to have our neighbor help us push him back in). Schools were cancelled - Husband can't even recall a time that school was cancelled for snowfall (although it's been cancelled for being too freakin' cold a lot). Husband broke my favorite snow shovel. Apparently my life is such that I have a favorite snow shovel. 

We've been homebodies. Coloring a lot! And stickers. And destroying the easel paper. I thought to stop them, then thought about how much fun they were having. 

Blake is a self colorer.

We painted nails this week! First time. My girls LOVED it. Putting on socks and footed pajamas has been a real struggle, cause it covers their toe nails. We have to talk about them all the time - they're especially good to help someone recover from a tantrum or tragedy, just point them out and the recovery time is greatly reduced. Blake especially always has to jabber to me about her nails and show them to me, but she just lifts her hands so that she can see them, but I can't. Wade got his nails painted green, and only his toenails. I told him that boys only get toes painted - Husband wasn't especially happy about it, but that's the compromise (a compromise he didn't know he was making, ha!) 

We started painting Wade's room! A few weeks ago I got a huge wardrobe to put in his room and he's been talking about it nonstop since. I told him that we had to paint his room first, so now he's been talking about that nonstop - but in sequence, "we need to paint my room and then we'll put up my closet!" We've talked a lot about paint color (although I already had the paint picked) and he will spout off a lot of colors, but when I ask him to choose one color he always says, "white, cause people paint their walls white, right, mommy?" I don't know where he got this idea, but he's been sticking with it for a long time. And his room will be a really light blue, so I keep telling him that it's white blue and he's okay with that. I told him on Monday night that we could start painting his room the next day and as I was laying with him for bedtime he said, "don't go yet, I want to keep talking about painting my room." And then he woke me up the next morning asking if we could start yet. 

We ate donuts. They were all so happy and messy. I documented. 

Husband cut his finger this week. Sliced it while peeling an apple (one way to get out of apple prep for the rest of forever). He almost fainted. Married almost 6 years and I just learned that when it comes to finger cuts, he's a fainter. 

We're working on our table again, so we've just got chairs in the dining room. Kids love it. Anything different is so fun. They've also been in laundry baskets this week. Literally in them. They've been pushing each other around and Wade's been hoarding them in his room. On Saturday he told Husband that he was going to give me back my laundry baskets - he lead me to his room, for a really big surprise! He told me I could have my laundry baskets back! Then the rest of the day he kept asking me if I loved his laundry basket surprise. Kid loves to be thoughtful. 

We went to watch Daddy play basketball this week at the church gym. Everyone had to bring a baby, Jac had to wear princess shoes (before the big storm, so I let it fly). Wade wore a dinosaur shirt, but made me put his sweatshirt on over it, zipped all the way, cause he didn't want anyone to see his dinosaur shirt cause he decided he hated it and it'd be "so embarrassing" if anyone saw him in it. 

Husband and I have been taking the kids to the basement while we work out, it's resulted in them being very interested in our weights. Today I found them downstairs playing under the weights. Feels safe. 

Wade's been spitting a lot. One day I kept telling him to stop, hide his water bottle and multiple water cups. He kept finding water everywhere. The couch was wet, wet spots all over the floor, my bed was soaked, the girls kept coming to me crying with their hair or clothes wet. I finally took a swig of water and spit it on him. He was shocked and immediately ticked. He ran into his room, slammed the door and cried. He came down and I was vacuuming and he yelled, "stop vacuuming! I'm yelling at you!" then said, "Two people allowed in my room - Jacqueline and Blake!" I said, "Not me?" And he yelled back, "NOT YOU!" Ha, what a stink pot. But it worked...for a day. He's back to spit being the funniest game, ugh.

I've also dove back into clearing out the food storage closet. I have the top two shelves clears - I wish I had a picture of the day we moved it, cause it was floor to ceiling, even on the floor. I still have hours upon hours of work left and at least four more garbage cans to go. But, progress! I was able to start cleaning the shelves - so gross! Discovered that half a gallon of honey spilled from the top shelf. Along with the remnants of 3 cases of cans that split their guts. Still so much to do - but not focusing on that, just the progress.

Also have several jars that appear to be bottled nightmares. They're like botulism bombs right tin my house. So glad to throw them in the trash. 

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