2018 chapter eight: February 21

Blake woke up from her nap first today. She came down happy - guess 2.5 hours is the sweet spot for her - she still needed to sit on my lap for awhile. But, she was happy on my lap, I can handle that. I had my knees up and then put them down, she got mad cause apparently they were being a slide for her Peppa Pig toy, which is pretty important these days. 

Jacqueline came down a little later and immediately noticed that I had stuff on my lips and she demanded something on hers - but then she noticed that some of the nail polish had come off her fingers, so she changed her demands to fresh polish, then needed lip gloss applied....three times. 

On Saturday we went to a golf show - I love Husband. There was a putt for golf passes and I totally got it in! With Jac's help. But the passes were only given out for the first person every few hours, so I didn't win. Husband got it in too, also didn't win. So lame. But also, I felt so awesome that I got it in - there was a big line and lots of people saw, fueling my momentary delusions of grandeur. 

There was a car booth that had a mini car in it. It was by far the highlight - followed closely by getting a small bag of overpriced chips. 

The low point would be waiting for daddy to do a golf simulator. It was passed nap time and everyone was hungry, but then I found M&M's in my bag and we lasted a little longer. Also, Husband dressed Blake. 

Husband on the simulator. Now he's trying to work it out to get a simulator of his own. Boy has big dreams. 

These goobers have been coming into our bed to get snuggles in the mornings. It's kinda great, we each get our own wiggle butt. Then when Wade wakes up he come in to go potty and then they all leave to his room where he gets his iPad and we get an extra 10 minutes of sleep. There's really no limit of hoops I'll jump through for a few extra minutes of sleep. Here these two ladies found me and ended my Sunday nap. 

Not nail polish and lip gloss, just my glasses and hairband. This girl is all girl and always needs to accessorize. Also, both girls need to bring me all my things - even when they're put away. Like my glasses, they find them put away in a drawer and have to bring them to me. Also phones, phones always need to be brought to the owner. Blake is the most avid retriever and she always says "oh, here mommy!" Oh gosh, this picture kills me. She is so cute. 

I cleaned out some of my cupboards (why can't they just stay clean?!) And I was kind enough to clear enough space for all three kids to fit in the pantry. They have spent HOURS in here since yesterday. 

It got pretty full of toys today and got too squishy. Like, there are no toys in the toy baskets - all in my pantry. Makes sense. 

Wade had been really into insults recently. We yell gross stuff at one another, the best insults have to do with poop. He about died laughing when I called him "poop in a toilet" and he called me "stinky eggs." 

Went to Target today. They're remodeling ours (I went on autopilot and wrote our house...wish Target was my house) and my kids just found it a better winter time play ground. And they all got new toothbrushes today, which is apparently very exciting and I had to scan little pieces of cardboard because they had ripped open the packages. 

I started listening to Hamilton. It's so good. Obviously, it got it's hype for a reason. I love dancing in the kitchen with all my kids. Jacqueline really gets into it and has a little bit of a thug in her step and tries to rap along.

The girls have started praying. They've been pretending for a while, but now they let us help and repeat our words. Jac is really getting good at repeating whatever I say! Blake mostly just makes gibberish noises, except the words she knows, she says those fine...I think she really thinks her gibberish words are real words. But we now have to say 3-4 prayers multiple times a day, which isn't a bad thing, and it's not like our life is anywhere near the fast lane. That's probably what I love most about being a stay at home mom - the only timeline we have is church on Sunday at 9am. Oh, and Chick-Fil-A on Tuesdays anytime before 10:30.

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