2018 chapter seven: February 15

I just had one of those weird moments where it looked like I spelt February wrong. I had to google it.

We've made it out of the hole that is the flu. Everyone went down with it, but it was nice enough to stagger so that Husband could take care of me, then I could take care of him and then we could both hobble along and take care of our kids. I felt like death. Husband threw up a bunch. Wade's fever got up to 104. The girls bounced between being absolute messes to being completely fine when their meds kicked in. Now we're dealing with iPad withdrawals and screwed up sleep schedules, but still so excited to be healthy!

Blake was potentially my worst sick kid. And that's with sweet Wade getting an ultra high fever. Mornings were the worst and she'd refuse meds. On morning she was so distraught that she got off Daddy's lap to lay under the table...cause that was better?

Then she finally took some Tylenol and needed to be on my lap. So annoying. Why must this turd always kick me in the face? 

We've been playing with PlayDoh - girls haven't played with it much and every time I get it out they are totally entertained - to the point that there is silence in my house. That never happens. Ever.

This is how nap time has been going: 

 Yesterday it got up to 40 degrees! We went outside three times! And even made it to the park. The girls went out the day before too. Everyone's been happy with the outdoor freedom - even if the freedom does include 10 minutes of getting dressed before hand. I guess we're true Minnesotans now.

I know this weather is teasing me with thoughts and hopes of spring, but I'll take it! And I am letting myself hope that the really cold weather is done, yes, I'll allow myself that hope. I am going to plant some seeds inside in the next week, so that'll feel spring-ish. 

Our house grew this big icicle and Husband knocked it down this week: 

Wade's been saying things like, "Jesus want me to have some candy." Haha! He also says more accurate stuff about how Jesus likes when he's nice to his sisters or shares his toys. It really is so sweet. A nice off-set to when I hear him talk about "being bad." 

He's also been talking this week about a girl that comes into his room and her name is Scared. I'm not sure if it's something he found on Youtube Kids, or maybe something way creepier! He's been talking to everyone about this Scared girl and how he has to tell her to be quiet. 

We were in the car this week and Wade picked a booger and I told him I was grabbing a kleenex, then he informed me that he just wiped it on Jacqueline's car seat, cause "she sleeping, so I can." 

Wade also discovered glue sticks. Well, not discovered, he's used them before, but this is the first time mom has let him play with them. He's used 3 since Monday. He was making Valentine's for people - really 'Wade' Valentine's - meaning lots of pieces of ripped trash paper all glued onto a heart. Some of them are super thick Valentine's. But he's been so excited and made them for his grandparents and one for his cousin, Lily Jo, but not her brothers, cause they apparently didn't register as cousins that needed Valentine's. We still need to mail them out - it might be pricey. Yesterday he also made a butterfly, some sausage and egg breakfast, and a dirty sink...they all looked the same, but he could differentiate. 

I discovered magic erasers. How did I not use these things before?! I've been washing all my walls and it's addictive. And we've apparently been living in squalor. Jacqueline pushed this discovery, cause she's my wall drawer. I have a rule follower (Wade), a self colorer (Blake), and a wall colorer (Jac). So the girls color in all the wrong spots and Wade has to tattle on them, and now I have a way to easily clean everything up! Today I made the mistake of starting to wash my cupboards, they're so gross - I only got one done before I had to give up cause it ruined my eraser. My wonderful magic eraser. 

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