2018 chapter 10: March 7

We've had a very fun, big week! And a pretty crappy week...cause girls started potty training! We made sure to get out and have lots of fun this weekend. We headed to an indoor play ground on Friday and they had such a blast. We went with a lot of friends, but they all had one kid - I had three, all going different directions! There were signs everywhere saying that you have to keep your kids within eyesight, and I kept laughing at those signs obviously not meant for me.

There was huge bouncing blob that my kids spent about half the time on - but Blake couldn't get up it. I kept trying to show her to get a running start - she'd back up to the wall, start running and then flop as soon as she hit the blob. Every single time. She's my kid that can really figure out how to move her body to get where she wants, but this eluded her. She also got herself stuck in a spinning seat and I about peed my pants laughing when I saw her, but then Wade got stuck in it and I could barely help him out cause I was laughing too hard. 

Then Saturday we went bowling with daddy, cousins and Papa! They were so into it, for one game, then they were super done - but I'm a seasoned mom and brought lots of snacks. 

Plus there were buttons to push. 

And bowling balls to smash fingers on. 

Saturday night I photographed a small wedding at our church - my first wedding! I don't really count it as "a wedding," cause it was beyond low key, but I did learn that the photographer is looked to for any unknown questions and to move things along. So the walk down the aisle commenced when I said, the cake was cut when I said. Power rush. 

Monday we started potty training! Jacqueline caught right on and didn't have a single accident for the first two days (she did poop her pants today), she's been so ready to learn. Blake's also doing well, but has had more accidents, I think she just doesn't leave herself enough time to make it to the bathroom sometimes. But we're at the end of day three and we're all a little tired and feeling cooped up, but also not quite ready to go out. 

One of the hardest parts about potty training these two is the battles over what underwear they want - and then there's an accident and the perfect underwear must be washed, and then the other girl also needs new underwear to match. Also they both love the underwear they got from their cousin (not that they know that) and they're too big, so they're just saggy. Cracks me up. 

Blake loves her butt. She keeps holding her butt cheeks. So happy to have them free. Here's my running monologue: 

"Blake, do you need to go potty? Blake, get your hand out of your underwear! Blake, remember to tell mommy when you need to go potty. Blake, stop holding your bottom!" 

Then there's Jacqueline: 

She keeps pulling her underwear up really high, then she thinks she has to poop, but she actually just has a wedgie. Oh, and these are her "Let it go" underwear. 

We've really set up camp in the living room, I sat at the ottoman and did my make up, so I could remind my girls about the potty every few minutes (my non-stop talking is taken to a whole new level! Also, Wade is definitely my kid, he can talk!). So everyone helped me get pretty and make themselves pretty. 

We got hit with a ton of snow this week and we went sledding! Wade got cold and went in after about 20 minutes, but we had to make the girls quit after an hour. And we made snow ice cream, which was a mistake cause now Wade asks daily if we can make snow ice cream, then I have to listen to him talk about how good it was and how now the snow is dirty and yucky and on and on. 

Jacqueline has decided that her favorite color is blue now, which is fine, but also no one is allowed to use her pink dishes. We have a very delicate plastic dish situation over here. Blake will eat of anything, but only she can use purple. Jac needs blue, but no one else can use her previously beloved pink. Wade requires green, but sometimes wants blue just to tick off Jacquline, but doesn't want his old favorite yellow. So much drama! Unless Daddy's in charge, then nobody cares. 

I started watching a gardening show on Netflix (Big Dreams, Little Spaces), my sister turned me to it.  I'm loving it, and itching for spring. I started drawing up sketches. I've got big dreams and a big ol' space. Today we planted a bunch of seeds! They're in a sunny spot in my loft and we've had to go check on them twice today, but only because I said no the other 10 times it was requested. 

I finished painting Wade's room a few weeks ago! Then last week Wade took his golf club and hit his wall repeatedly. I heard something going on upstairs, but they always play loud and rough, only this time he was making a hundred little dents all over. Kids are turds. He told Husband that it's cause he didn't want his room painted. 

Went out with friends to a place that makes delicious dinner food on top of donuts! I could only eat half, but I also didn't say a word the whole time, I was just inhaling. I want to try to recreate it - deep fried chicken, country style gravy, in a lake of syrup, topped with baby arugula (which weirdly, made the whole things AMAZING!). 

Okay, and I'm off to bed cause I've got another day of getting people to pee ...not on the floor.

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