2018 chapter 11: March 14

Week two of potty training. Wade was jealous the girls were getting so much attention and peed in the trash can and on the wall. I would really like to us a face palm emoji right here. Jacqueline went potty and forgot to take off her pants, so I thought maybe she got pee everywhere trying to get her pants down. I even texted Husband that she made a huge mess and somehow even got it in the trash can. Later there was another mess and I thought maybe it was Blake because she likes to put her pee from the little potty into the big potty, but when I was cleaning up that mess that's when I saw the pee all over the wall. So now he gets treats and potty dances too. Everyone got a potty chart yesterday and stickers have proven to be the best motivator.

Hmmmm....the girls potty training story was all about Wade. They're really doing good. Still in pull ups for sleep and still having some issues pooping in the potty. They're really good at pooping in their pants in the bathroom, then pulling them down and sitting their poopy bums on the toilet seat. It's really fun to clean up. The girls were supposed to be napping today, I heard a commotion and Wade came out to tell me that there was poop on the stairs. Ugh, I really need to be able to add a face palm emoji here. My week is all face palms and head shaking. I got them little princess figurines as motivation and I got Wade little super hero (of course he needed some too) and when he got his first prize they were both really motivated and sat on the potty for a good 20 minutes. 

We've also gone out outings and haven't had a single accident! 

Look at this static hair! This little goober is also getting all four of her two year molars. Same week as potty training. Same week as daylight savings. I feel like I could have timed things better. She has also been requesting "Go" nonstop, which is "Let it Go." She sings it all day long (I notice this especially when we're out) and dances along to it, right down to the hair flip Elsa does, the strut and the arm movements.

And this ray of sunshine! On outfit number two for the day. 

Jacquline putting "contacts" in, like mommy. 

Girls got new church shoes this week! They can almost get them on themselves...almost. Which really means that they think they can and cry to me when they can't, but also yell at me if I try to assist them too soon. How dare I. 

This week has been very long. We've been on a two week timeline to build a table. And kids learning new things. One kid reverting back because he's feeling left out. I had a photoshoot. I've been getting cluster headaches and migraines. Started back at the chiropractor for the aforementioned headaches. Started a work out routine. Long week. But it's been mostly good things. But exhausting.

Also, here's my movie reviews, cause I actually saw a boatload of movies.
Coco = adorable. But coco, with the right inflection is poop in Portuguese and Wade found that to be the funniest joke ever.
Jumanji = AWESOME. Jack Black acts as a teenage girl and the Rock plays an awkward teenager. So good, but there is a guy playing a teenage girl...so not appropriate for kids.
A Wrinkle In Time = TERRIBLE. Sadly it was for an event I organized for work, but how could were have known it was terrible? I actually contemplated leaving.
Thor, Ragnarock = AWESOME. Girls got messed up on their sleep and stayed up until 10 pm and watched it with us, they are apparently aware of everything we watch and probably shouldn't have watched it. But it was still awesome.

Oh, and heres's the table:

Took some pictures of these stinkers, cause the lighting has been amazing. And cause I needed some cute images to remember that they're cute...not just pooping stinkers. Also, Wade always wants to be naked...but I got him this whale shirt and he never wants to take it off.

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