2018 chapter 13: March 28

 We just went outside and saw an owl on our neighbors house! This morning we saw a fox down the road. Just living in the wilds of Minnesota. We've also been seeing lots of geese - not nearly as exciting, but I do enjoy making fun of the idiots that flew back too early and keep walking around on all the still frozen lakes.

Despite snow on the first day of spring, and more snow on the schedule for Saturday - today I drank from a water bottle I left in the car and it was luke warm, so it must be spring.

Sometimes kids need to wear kleenex's on their heads.

One night talking to Wade he said, "How about tomorrow I stop eating my boogers. I think I should start putting them on Kleenex now. Hmmm.....what else? Do you think we should make a candy machine." That's about how his train of thought goes, all over the place! He also found out that we can look up pictures on my phone, so that has been added to our bedtime routine.  It started with looking up the "winter" (weather) and moved into looking up images of a watershed, which has lead to looking up pictures of waterfalls, which lead to looking up garbage trucks. 

We've started giving Wade coins for doing chores around the house. He's so excited about getting to do something that only a big kid like him can do - and I told him we'll use his money to go to the store and buy a toy that he picks out. Today he emptied the dishwasher while I laid the girls down for naps, without me asking or even knowing! He did everything but the glass stuff and made a little pile of things he didn't know where to put. He also has been looking around for things that need to be picked up, he put all the cushions back on the couch, picked up shoes, cleaned his room. I'm really into this development. 

A development I'm not into....Blake's back in diapers. She was doing fine, then she wasn't. She wouldn't sit on the potty, would just fight me if I reminded her, wouldn't go on her own. So I told her I'd put her back in diapers, and she's been happy ever since. Well, that's not true at all. She's been a ripe, tantrum throwing, terror. I've unleashed a monster. She played chicken with mommy and became a super villain and she's learning all of my kryptonite. She's waking up at night - we've officially come up with a kids/our bed plan because of her (the plan is they have to lie on the ground next to our bed). She hates wearing her diaper. She just wants to go outside, she's been wearing her coat at all times, just in case she finds a chance to escape - pants or appropriate footwear, who cares. 

Or she gets the boots down and that's it. 

She found some lady bugs on the window sill (see, spring!). For all the cuteness that watching her was, turns out she's also great pest control. Poor ladybug didn't stand a chance. 

Jac's been my steady girl this week. Going pee in the potty. Pooping in her underwear. Alternating between Moana and Frozen (and begging for them when they're not on). Starting to fight with Wade in the car about who's turn it is to talk. Her turn talking usually sounds like this, "Hummana, hummana, pizza, hummana, hummana, water, hummana, pickle samich, hummana, hummana, cany..." Basically just a list of food she wants, mixed with some random mumbles that are all the same, but I can't make out what they are yet. Maybe it's "And then I want to eat..." 

We've been watching PJ Masks, so Wade's been running around using his "super Gecko muscles!" and telling everyone what hero they get to be while everyone runs around. Today during quiet time I heard his whisper, "super Cat speed!!" while he ran quietly to the bathroom. 

He's been using random forms of measurement - miles, seconds, liters - wherever he decides they fit. "I'm 4, so I need four meters in my cup. Right mommy?" Also, always checking that we're following the rules. 

He's been talking a lot about Jesus this week. This is a picture of "when Jesus helped the cats."  

He also told me that "Jesus died because he prayed so much." 

We made a french silk pie with a chocolate Oreo crust. It was amazing and delicious. I have a friend doing weight watchers and she put it in her tracker just to see how many points it was - 31 points for one without the Oreo crust. She gets 27 points per day. Basically saying, it was rich. Kids were so excited to help. So stinking excited. Unfortunately, you don't cook it, so all their gross helping germs didn't get to bake out. 

In Sunday School someone made a comment that stuck with me: "It's so easy when we're forgotten by people that we feel like the Lord has also forgotten us - which is never the case. He is always there." I haven't been feeling especially alone lately, but I have felt that before and I found this to be true - and I can apply it to other places where I'm struggling now. "It's easy when I'm overwhelmed by my kids to feel that the Lord doesn't care about me - which is never the case. He always cares. He's always there." I'm excited to hear messages that I need to hear from General Conference this weekend. Messages that help me remember that the Lord is there. Messages that help me learn how to not feel overwhelmed on rough days (or hours). Messages that will help me prioritize. Messages the Lord needs me to hear so I can be the person He wants me to be.  

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