2018 Chapter 15: April 11

I went running today! First time of the season. Not promising that there will be a 10th time of the season, but hoping. I ran some hills, cause I'm over-ambitious, but then remembered that every route to my house is up a hill....told myself that I could walk the end and call it my cool down, cause people need to cool down, but I ended up making it the whole way! Feeling so proud. But also feeling like I can't get off the couch. 

I've been deep cleaning and purging everything in our house. Things that I like, but aren't useful anymore. And anything that can be replaced with a plant. All I want in life would be plants, and since we can't do anything outside yet (we're supposed to get snow again this weekend, ewww!), our house is becoming very jungle. The kids helped me repot some stuff and they loved it! Course, Jacqueline now thinks that she has free run of the dirt in the pots at all times. Now I've got it in my mind that I need a propagation wall. Husband was showing me some of the growth of his corals when we realized that we have the same addiction: plants. Indoor, outdoor, water bound. 

We've been playing with the kids sleep schedule. Why? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But, it was broken. Putting kids down at 7 pm was resulting in battles and drawn out routines, but putting them down at 8 pm has made it all a breeze. But, Wade could still really use a 7pm bedtime and it's caused a lot (A LOT) of grumpiness and the occasional mid-day crash. 

Wade's BFF turned four this week. All the kids talk about her all the time, so they all went to the party and had such a blast. Jacqueline was, of course, the last one at the dessert table. With every activity my kids were all right up front and had to be reminded during present time that they didn't need to help open them. 

Blake had a runny nose this week and would let it run and then chase the other kids snorting with her snot ...flying? She gets the biggest smile and it's hilarious and disgusting. Her nose isn't running anymore, so today she took some bites of soggy cereal and chased her siblings seething that instead. 

Today we were in the car and Wade said, "Mommy, can we talk about signs?" 

We signed Wade up for soccer - he immediately went to pack snacks. It starts in May. He's been asking me to tell him "all about soccer" and if we can look up soccer shoes. 

Sunday I decided to implement family Disney movie night, like we did growing up...I think. I kinda remember it. But I realized that it's a great tactic to get through the last few hours until bedtime. All in all, a tradition I can get behind. We watched Lion King and watching Jac got so excited every time a bird showed up. And when I went to take a picture this is what I got (is this how my kids smile now?):

Wade's been building. Here's his car garage: 

On Friday Facebook reminded me that my anniversary was that day, and I thought, "no, my anniversary is April 6th....oh, wait." I texted husband and he'd forgotten too, hahaha! We went out that night and came home to sleeping children, couldn't think of anything better. We're going to blame the whole debacle on this stupid eternal winter, cause we got married in the spring (even though it did snow on our wedding day). Six down. Lots more to go.

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