2018 Chapter 16: April 18

This has been a crazy, funny week. First things first, girls got new shoes! They picked them out. Jac got pink. Blake got purple. They both took naps with just diapers/underwear and shoes. And just now (at 9:05) I heard the girls scurrying around upstairs and they were getting their shoes back on. Best part? They were $5 - Walmart.

We got 2 feet of snow this weekend. In April. Apparently beating all the records, or matching them, or something. All I know is that my rather busy weekend was cancelled and I sat around reading a book (The Lunar Series). I finished the book, complained about it on social media, found my nearest ward member had all the books and I've been a lost cause ever since. I have kept up on tending my children, making meals and laundry, but not much else. Well, I also managed to get some sledding in: 

I loved watching everyone climb up the hill - the snow was so deep that Jac kept giving up and just crawling. 

And Wade decided rolling the hills was awesome too. 

It was the craziest storm - a blizzard with lighting and thunder! Wade heard the thunder, came over and put his hand on me and said, "Jesus will keep the thunder away from us." 

And Blake continues to get geared up in hopes of escaping outside. 

Before going anywhere the girls need to strap their babies in. It's a really fun new development, especially when we're in a hurry. Once I get everyone strapped in I run in to get all my crap together and when I come back everyone is "hiding" from me with their hands over their eyes - I always make a big deal about how I left my kids right here and now they're gone! Wade often is too mature for this silliness and has to let me know. 

We went to IKEA this week and lost one of the babies - of course it was the nicer baby, ugly baby is still with us. They have a new candy wall at IKEA where you pay by weight and Wade got to spend his cleaning money and pick out what he wanted. He was so thrilled! There were cool shaped car gummies, letter gummies, frog gummies. While I was helping Wade I didn't realize that Jac was eating candies by the handful. Like a kid in the candy store does not do this scene justice. Best/worst part would be when she ate some black licorice, didn't like it and put it back! I had to get out everything it touched and ended up paying for a bunch of gross candy. And somewhere in this action we lost baby. 

Girls obviously needed to check out the beds. We were edging close to nap time and they were so happy getting cozy in these beds. 

Wade's been building "robots." He decided today he that he wants to be a robot for Halloween and I told him he could talk like a robot and I showed him how, he laughed hysterically, then tried to do and couldn't even try cause he was laughing too hard. Perhaps not the best way to calm him down for bed time. Here are a few of his robots: 

One afternoon Wade came into my room (while I was reading) and said, "After my nap can I have money?" I asked him why and he said, "Cause I need money." I finally got him to say that he had cleaned him room, but his answer of "Cause I need money" had me laughing so hard. He's also been trying to come up with reasons to come out of quiet time and often it's to bring me some crackers, cause what could be more effective? He also asked me this week and said "Can I ask you a fabor?" Then he looked around and decided to five me a drink - that's the type of "fabor" I like. 

Blake has been calling Jac Blake. She also calls herself Blake. It's hard to know who she's talking about. Both girls also are having a hard time with opposites - asking to have their clothes on when they want them off, saying they want the windows up when they want them down. Again, confusing. 

We played musical chairs for the first time this week. We had a lot of sore losers. Didn't help that Husband kept winning. No mercy. The next day I played with them and we had enough chairs for everyone - now it's a favorite game. 

Wade also made up a game called "toy storm." The name is extremely accurate. 

I almost forgot this. Yesterday I smacked Wade in the head with a 3 lbs dumbbell. An accident. Did I need to say that? Let's hope I didn't need to say that. I was working out and his ball rolled by me and we collided. A big ol' goose egg popped up immediately. Saddest part was when I was tucking him in and he said sorry and I told him he didn't need to be sorry and he burst into tears cause he thought he was in trouble. 

Because a post beginning and ending with shoes is definitely a good thing, I also got myself a pair of Walmart shoes. $17.88! Cause everyone needs pink tennis shoes. They are the comfiest shoes I've ever warn. And I got a new entry rug, for the exact price I sold my old one for (which was $25 more than I originally bought it for). 

Wait, one more thing to end on: I told myself that when I finished the last Dr. Pepper in the box, which was Saturday. But then I found one on Monday....so I got one last freebie. 

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