2018 chapter 18: May 2

I got my very first piece of hand made jewelry that I won't be able to throw away from my Wade. During his quiet time today he made me this sticker crown. All his idea. This was supposed to be a necklace, but it was too short. Then he went back and made me a HUGE one that works as a necklace. I was working in the garden and made me give them back and he put them in my closet, where they would be safe.

I played chicken with Jacqueline today. I don't know exactly why she was throwing a tantrum, but it was a bad one. We were in the car and she started flailing, hitting Blake and pulling her hair, throwing  her shoes at me. I stopped the car, unbuckled her and put her on the lawn and drove away. We were one house away from ours and I drove a total of ten feet away. But I don't know what to do with her tantrums. This probably is not what you do, but it worked. I picked her up and cuddled her and told her I loved her so much, but it's not okay to act that way and it's not okay to hurt your sister while you figure out your emotions. Side note: I try talk through problems with my kids, probably one of the reasons Wade is so long winded. 

If mommy sits, then all the littles, but especially this little, find their way onto the mommy.

All water fountains are a 10 minute detour right now. I just love little Blake's homeless look - she gets  herself dressed so she can go outside, so they're always clothes that are too big and she ends up looking like a little homeless beach bum. I love it. 

I've started doing deliveries for Shipt. I pick out orders at Target and then deliver them. It's been kind of fun! I just found out I'm not supposed to take my kids with me (which makes sense, but I was pretending it didn't make sense so I could do it). One afternoon no one was napping, so I picked up a delivery and they all fell asleep on the way back. Cause Target is always an exhausting party. 

We got some massive sticker books from Target this week and now they're absolutely everywhere. Furniture, floors, clothes, laundry, toys. Somehow nothing has been permanently damages yet. Baby got a make over at church: 

In the car we take turns picking songs. This week Jac's favorite song is Let You Down by NF. Blake and Wade's favorite song is Thunder by Imagine Dragons - but Blake gets so mad when Wade says it's their song, when its her turn - she pats her chest over and over and says, "My funder. My funder." And if anyone sings along she screams at them. Actually, all my kids yell at my if I dance or sing along to their songs. 

A couple of aliens came to visit: 

Spring walks!!!!! We get to check all the storm drains and drop rocks in. Everyone has tripped this week on a walk and scraped a knee. 

I've been working in my yard and it is being so rewarding. Took out two bushes this week - well, Husband took out one. Oh, total tangent, but Husband has made dinner for five days in a row. That needed to be noted. He's picking up my slack while I play in my yard. Okay, back to my garden. I put some manure in and started building a wall in one corner so my front flower bed will terrace. All my bulbs are going to bloom this week, so I'll post a picture next week...I am so excited! Everything is looking so good. Even with kids smashing my flowers and unpotting all my pots today. Husband even said that things are shaping up. He also said I'm killing his grass by walking on it (eye roll).

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