2018 chapter 17: April 25

 It's finally spring! And the girls have been outside every second that they can. Especially Blake. Right before naps I have everyone go inside to watch show, drink milk, and wind down. Jac has fallen asleep on the couch twice this week. Blake finds her way outside and has managed to bypass naps. Today I made everyone nap in their beds and Blake slept for 3.5 hours! Guess it all added up. The snow run off was a big hit. Their limbs were freezing! But I could not keep them away and they kept running back whenever a car was in the road - so they were 'safe.'

The apparel that they escape in, it's my favorite. Trying to enforce some rules about pants. I'm okay with everything else being optional. Today we were on outfit #2 by 10 am. Baths are a daily occurrence (um....I think that's normal in some household, not ours) and really should be a few times a day. 

Girls got another pair of glittery shoes, boots this time. The velcro on her other ones have already died, they lasted a whole week, guess that's why they were $5 (luckily mommy figured out how to fix them), and these boots became her favorite. Sheesh, I cannot express how much this girl loves being outside.

Blake growled at someone in the store. Like a dog riding in my cart. 

Wade informed me today that he can talk even while he's eating! Then he went on to explain, in detail, how he can talk and eat at the same time. He also told me in the car, "Mommy, I'm being quiet. Listen to me being quiet." 

Been working on the girls clipping themselves into their carseats. Dum-dums are being used as motivation. 

Husband had to take my car to a meeting and Jac was devastated that he left with her car seat. 

"Mommy, take a picture of me stretching my neck!" 

Got Wade a new bed this week!! It's this cool low loft bed that creates a wonderful fort area that this kid can build in. Not that one can't build if one isn't in an under bed fort, but it sure makes everything more fun. Jacqueline can't figure out how to get down by herself yet - she just cries until someone comes to help her. The best of siblings helping was Wade's first time getting up the ladder, he was nervous, so Blake was trying to help lift his bum...by putting her hands in his butt crack. I was dying laughing. 

I'm loving all of my things sprouting!!! These little purple crocus's are the first blooms. As those stalks in the back are giant alliums. And I have a ton of the set little things coming up that I don't remember what they are - so excited to see what they are! 

I dug out around my flower beds so I can put in a border, then I got a new idea that will involve some tiers. And I tore more of my dogwood bush, it was hard and amazing satisfying to get big chunks out. With spring finally here it feels like moving into a new house and trying really quickly to paint all the walls before moving in - so much to get done in just a little time! 

On Monday I thought I'd get a little sun while I worked outside. Then I got working and got distracted. I got my sun: 

While we were snowed in I rearranged my front room and got some more indoor plants. I was itching to plant that I just kept getting rid of stuff to accommodate more plants. I don't regret this decision. I just wish I had more surfaces. 

Husband forgot about having his fish water on in the upstairs bathroom and we had a couple inches on the floor. Luckily the damage on the main floor was in the garage utility closet. Water also ran through the floor into the girls room and the hallway and allowed me to justify getting a carper cleaner to suck up all the water. 

We lost our TV remote for a few weeks. I found it yesterday. It was put away, in the drawer where it belongs. Feels like an accurate depiction of life chaos. 

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