2018 chapter 21: May 23

Two places to start: 
1. I woke up this morning with a tick crawling on my arm. In my bed! My happy place, my sanctuary, has been ruined. Pretty sure I got it on my run yesterday. I went 6 miles - that's why one shouldn't run. Except I am really proud, that's the furthest I've gone since having Wade and I got a tick as a prize. I keep feeling them crawl on me now, all over. 

2. Jac somehow got her siblings to be her entourage for her Elsa cape. 

We got donuts on national donut day. I'm actually not sure where I heard it was donut day, so I'm not sure if it really was donut day...but I don't care, we got donuts. Blake eats hers like corn on the cob and once the chocolate is gone she's done.  Everyone gets messy, but no one quite like the Blake. 

We were with our favorite friends - my girls love baby Hannah and have named her mom Nana. Wade and Harper are trying to climb the fence to get the the water tower. Yes, Wade continues to like water towers and we've been working on saying three nice things when we're mad (it started as three nice things about the person or situation we're mad about, but that was a stretch, so we're just doing three positives in general) and sometimes (every time) I have to quietly offer some suggestions. He asked me to say three about the water tower and when I couldn't think of anything to say he whispered, "it has red on it." 

A regular trip to Target: 

People often make comments wondering how I do it (which I have all kinds of funny responses in my mind) - not having an agenda or timeline is key. It is not unusual to find ourselves climbing into cabinets, testing out chairs, and trying on shoes. 

Blake didn't nap one day and she got bored (after going to the store, the chiropractor, two parks, putting the pool up for the first time, playing with bubbles, watching PJMasks) and she pulled out all of my brick border. You can see her in the top left in time out.

Blake and my garden. Let's start with a quick story. Blake's color is purple. Jac and Blake have been getting into fights for the last few weeks about purple - there's nothing actually purple in the car, Jac just pesters Blake by saying, "my purple" and then Blake will shriek, "MY PURPLE!!" Now sometimes when Blake is falling asleep in the car I pick a fight with her and say, "my purple." It's an effective tool. Now, back to my garden, she's been picking my purple grape hyacinths all spring. Grrrrrr. Today she deadheaded all my pansies. While she was sitting in time out I heard her quietly say, "my purple." I think I need to rethink my garden color scheme. 

We SCORED at a yard sale this week. It was made for my kids - I could've spent way more. The top of the list would be 7 bins of GeoTrax trains. Now I just need to spend a fortune on batteries. 

The girls got princess dresses that they put on while on the people driveway and they would not allow us to leave without getting the Elsa and Anna dolls. They were in such great shape, but had to be washed hours after we got them because they kept putting chapstick on them. 

I've had little princesses going with me everywhere. It seriously makes me so happy. I did have the forethought to hide them Saturday night so they didn't get worn to church the next day - which I'm sure will happen eventually. And, look, you can be a princess and a doctor. Girl, be whatever you want...not that you'd listen to me if I told you otherwise. 

I got three dresses cause I knew my niece, Brooklyn, would need one. When she came over she walked in, grabbed the dress (the day we got them, so she'd never seen it before), handed it me and joined the other princesses outside. For hours they played a game where they would fall down in the grass and the others had to come over to apply "chackstick" and then they'd wake up. I had little princesses with flowing dresses scattered all down our hill. 

Princesses joined us at Wade's soccer game. Wade made a goal - on purpose! They play freeze tag and after Wade told me, "Mommy, let me tell you one things about freeze tag. When you get tagged, you need yo freeze." 

Daddy got his golf course up and running (to sell) and they've been taking runs around the block - pretty much the coolest thing ever. They were my running buddies for a bit of my 6 miler yesterday (the stupid tick run). 

"Mommy, take a picture of me making an knot with my arms. Look, I put this one here and this one here and they're all twisted!" 

Wade has been saving his dum-dum wrappers for weeks and has been working on making them into a...row, put together with painters tape. It's for his friend Sammy. I wasn't aware he had a friend named Sammy. And he's apparently decided he's old enough to use scissors. 

Told the girls that they can go to preschool when they're three and potty trained, Jac's all for it, while Blake has been telling me at random times, "Preschool (while patting her chest), no pee poop potty." Usually this is done while she holds my face, so she knows I'm paying attention. 

Oh, slightly related, only not, only in my head. I was getting girls in their car seats today and Blake told my to "move face!" I have to lean over her to strap in Jac and apparently my face was in her way. 

Found some soccer goals today, they've already been used for lots of things beside kicking soccer balls into. Here they're "sleeping," with snores and all. 

I found this ridiculous and awesome fuzzy chair for $5. It's Pottery Barn, so I might resale it. Or I might keep it, cause I really like walking the ridiculous/awesome/ugly line. And my kids love it cause it spins and rolls. 

Also snagged this $10 cabinet. It's beat up. Missing handles. Needs work. Not even sure where I'm putting it. But still excited about it. Oh, and now that it's been in my house for a day, it's also missing the glass - it's not broken, but they figured out how to get it out, so it's just out. 

I finally put a shade up in Wade's room. We've just been putting him to bed with it bright as mid-day in there. He's such a good sleeper, there hasn't been much motivation. I thought it was longer than it was (cause I was working from memory instead of what was written on the box right beside me!) and I hung it too high (face palm!!), but still glad I can block out 95% of the sunlight. 

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