2018 chapter 22: May 30

No pictures today. Between our old computer and terrible internet (Husband has spent hours with our internet company this week finding out that they were billing us but didn't have us linked to any account and then they sent out a new modem and sent the wrong one...we decided to ditch them, but don't get it until tomorrow), I can't get the pictures to load up. So lame. Especially cause I was going to post some of my young women that I took, and sharing my growth as a photographer is kinda lost without the images. But, luckily, describing little girls in princess dresses and tape/cardboard/trash houses is totally doable.

Jacqueline has started saying "butt cheek." Where did she learn that? She also loves showing her butt to people. Well, not people, her siblings. And with many swimsuit changes this week, she's had lots of bare bottom opportunities where she basically does down dog and points it at Wade - always Wade cause he gives the biggest reaction. He'll come in totally distressed and tells me what she did, and then I'll ask her what she did and she'll say, "show Wade butt cheek!" See, I couldn't post a picture of this anyway.

The other day I heard Wade shriek "OH MY GOSH!" from the front room. I ran in, assuming there would be abundant blood, to find out that there were ants in Stella's bowl.

We reached a huge milestone - I took the locks off our cupboards! Not any with chemicals, I'm just at a point where I trust my kids with unrestrained access to tupperware and kid cups. Wade has obviously made the most use of this freedom and keeps getting snacks ready for varying events, the best being when he opened a bag of fruit loops and put the whole thing in different containers - some were for him and his friend, some were for sisters and some were for me and my friends (I had to promise to share). These fruit loops later got sorted into colored kid cups that got brought to church. I got hungry on the way home and ate all the orange ones, he was not pleased. He worked through his feelings (kinda proud of him for working through it) and told me we needed to buy more fruit loops so he could have more oranges and I had to promise to not eat them next time. I've never made so many promises about fruit loops.

We got our first heat wave this summer - thank goodness we got a little kiddie pool and have been playing in it almost daily. Blake loves the pool, but she does NOT like sprinklers or splashes or heavy rain. She's my little cat. With Minnesota heat waves we get thunder storms and the other kids were playing in the rain and made it look so fun, so Blake ran after them and immediately turned around with terror on her face. We also went to a splash pad this week - also not Blake's cup of tea, she just stood on the outskirts of the spray with bright red cheeks. Jac and Wade are in heaven with all water options. A sprayer went off and Jac was trying to figure out why, so she was standing right over it and looking at it when it turned on - I about died laughing at her shock, but it was Jac, so she thought it was hilarious too.

Husband's younger brother bought a house last week (woohoo, congrats!) and Husband has been at his house almost daily to help him with some renovations that they're trying to get done before they move in. With that we've been running! We've been laughing cause our schedule is usually wide open and free, but right now we're scheduling via text and planning trade-offs. It's funny when we get busy we cram in all the important things and we have so much fun with our kids - lots of hide and seek and duck-duck-goose and tag. Oh gracious, how could I forget? Blake has been coming up to us at random times and saying, "Tag!" It's adorablHe's been working on it all week - this is his longest project to date.e. Now they all do it to each other and random games of tag break out regularly. Tonight we were playing duck-duck-goose-tag, Wade was explaining all of it to me and somewhere in there we had to yell "BINGO!" when we were playing tag - but I always did it wrong...apparently.

My girls have been wearing princess dresses non stop. I'm pretending that I'm a fun mom and I let them wear them everywhere - cause those are some of my favorite memories from my childhood. I've even let them wear those stupid princess shoes out a few time, I think that's where I'll draw that line from now on. Jac found an Frozen dress in a box from her cousin and there's a plastic heart on it with a picture of Elsa on it, she holds it in her mouth when she buckles herself in her car seat and then she gives it a kiss - it's a very Gollum and the ring ordeal.

We went to a BBQ this weekend with friend and someone brought pickle popsicles, which Jac loved. Ewww. Nothing else significant happened at this BBQ, it just felt like sitting around with family. I miss my family, I wish I could sit around a backyard with my family - but it sure feels good to have people. We also went to a ward BBQ on Monday and it was 100 degrees, super humid and there was no water  and no playground - who planned this?!? My kids loved it anyway, especially cause I'd give them a drink of pop if they took a drink of water, so they were red cheeked, but hydrated.

Wade's been building a house in his room. So we're clear, it's not a house. It's a mess of trash and paint and cardboard boxes. Right now it's flat, he says he still needs to build walls and a roof and a garage - but he does have trash cans for it (or course). Every quiet time this week he comes downstairs multiple times to sue scissors to cut his tape. And whenever I'm missing a Wade I call up to his room and he calls back to tell me that he was just working on his house a bit. This is his longest project to date...how am I going to throw it away?

Even with a busy week, I still made it out to thrift store sales on memorial days were I found three pairs of jeans - when does that ever happen? I'll tell you, never. Especially cause I never look for them. And I found them with all three of my kids in tow. Jacqueline found and Elsa doll (who she call Anna), so we all left happy.

Guess I'll be holding my children hostage, if you want to see them, you'll have to come visit!

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