2018 chapter 29: July 18

My least favorite part of my kids having a later bedtime is that on Wednesday nights I get home from mutual and need to bedtime while Husband heads off to basketball (not a complaint against Bryan, just annoyance at logistics). Tonight was no different, especially cause it included a discovered potty accident from Jacqueline (which Bryan stayed to clean up). But, I did get to have a wonderful conversation with my Wade about him Trash Robot. One of those conversations the I wish I was recording so I can watch it when he's older. Or tomorrow. We got a book from a the library about a kid who makes toys out of trash and he built a robot made out of trash, so Wade made one too. He's been working so hard on it! He's usually awake before we are, working on his robot. He's got eight eyes, and a mouth that can be happy or sad (he'll have a sad face when we leave on vacation) and a sword arm to fight any monsters. Wade's sleeping with he other "sword" under his pillow, because he didn't make a remote, so the robot can't actually fight monsters. And Wade didn't make a remote because then it would eat our whole house and Daddy's car (which is what happens in the book). 

His room is a complete booby trap. I keep thinking that if he throws up at night (cause that's the sort of thing I think about. Always), then he's just going to be tangled. But he never seems to get tangled. I do have to check on him every night to make sure all tangles are away from wherever he ends up falling asleep. 

On Saturday Wade told the girls that they could only come play in his room if they got their hair cut first. Jac just got a little snip. Blake got her pig tails chopped off. I was a cutter of my hair (as was my sister....she was a cutter of my hair), so it felt inevitable and I'm just grateful that there were no scalp cuts, cause I could salvage. Also, Bryan and I were still in bed and our kids were playing happily...it was worth getting to sleep in until 7:30.   

Blake now can have her hair pulled into the cutest pig tails. And both girls have hair that can be more easily brushed. 

A word on my Blake. She's pretty laid back. Usually the first to share with her siblings to make them happy. Often when conflict arises she just decided she doesn't care enough to fight. But when she does melt down, she melts down! Anything and everything I do just escalates and feed her fire. This week I pulled over and got her out of the car (when your tantrum devolves into hitting siblings and throwing boots at mom, you get removed) - when I do this with Jac, she calms down within a minute, we hug it out, then we get on our way. Blake. Whew. Different story. She ran around screaming, then she kicked the utility box and got madder so climbed it (to conquer it?). The ridiculousness went on for at least five minutes. I got a still seething Blake back into the car and at least she took a good nap later that day. Apparently this method isn't the one for her. 

But most the time she's the stinkin' sweetest. She was making me a dinner of magnets and torn up stickers (the only type of stickers we currently have because that's what Wade's Trash Robot likes to eat...he doesn't like banana peels and apple cores, if you were wondering. To be extra specific, he doesn't like the seeds in the apple cores. They get stuck in his throat). I liked pretending that she was wearing a chef's hat and oven mitts - while in reality she walked passed these random items and thought, "I should be wearing that." She does not feel that need with any other clothing items, so happy to be in her undies.

Jac, on the other had, goes through several outfits a day. Nana didn't realize we had a lock on their closet door and pulled it open really hard and ripped it off. So now Jac has free access to their closet and she's so pleased. The closet is now a huge mess...a small step above what it was before Jac got to it. 

A few nighttime pictures of the girls sleeping arrangement. My favorite part of their bedtime. They do not tell me fun stories about their robots. 

Found this quote. Best quote I've ever seen to describe my husband's mindset: 

I had a lovely migraine for the last 10 days. Well, not sure if it was only one. It was an obnoxious rotation of getting enough meds for the pain to go away and then getting a stomach ache and then laying down too much so my body tightened up. So stupid. I was mostly okay at getting okay enough to have fun with my kiddos, do basic house maintenance (dishes, laundry), but still felt crummy. Finally kicked it yesterday and I feel so good. And I'm wanting to get my projects done - especially cause I just found out my mama's coming to visit!! 

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