2018 Chapter 30, 31, & 32: August 8

We went out to Utah for thirteen days and saw cousins, second cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents (that got named grandma-grandma and grandpa-grandpa), second cousins once removed and all kinds of people that I'm not sure of what the relation is called, except they're blood and I loved seeing them all! 

We took off on a Monday afternoon around nap time. 

10 minutes into the drive: 

We drove to Des Moines to play with Bryan's cousin and her kids and then stayed the night with his other cousins. We got so dirty I had to drain the bathwater mid-bath. They played so hard! 

The kids shared a bed while at Bryan's cousins and at the hotel. Their sleeping conditions had me cracking up! 

Des Moines is only about 4 hours away (with construction it was 4) and it made the other two days only 8 hours, which was so doable. I listened to two audio books and the kids played with stickers and colored and had silly toys to open to spice things up. I borrowed a DVD player, but no one really cared about watching movies - which I found very weird. 

This is our first road trip and I didn't know if any of my kids get car sick. I honestly prayed that if any of them get car sick that I'd be able to find out without it getting all over the car. The last hour of our drive we went through a canyon and Wade said his tummy hurt. We got to my cousins house and within 5 minutes he threw up on her floor. Tile floor. Overall, felt quite the win. I'm sure it didn't help that at our last stop he only ate pop and apples and that he was making a "game" out of his Happy Meal box while we drove through the canyon. 

SOOOOOOOOOOO....this isn't a full Utah trip post. I need to do a very full post, but my mom is still here tonight (she was supposed to fly home, but her connecting flight was cancelled, so Wade gets one more bedtime story time with Grandma!) and I am super tired. 

My mom drove back with me to help, cause the journey back is always harder. And we did it in two 10 hour days and that was exhausting! the audio book we listened to was LAME, the kids were done being on vacation and definitely done with the car - plus they had someone able to pick up whatever they dropped (on the way out they had to deal with mom driving and not able to help). We almost ran out of gas because we didn't come to a town for 300 miles! But we made it. 

 The girls thought having a counter big enough to sit on and wash their hands was THE BEST! They've never had cleaner hands. 

Jac was being a stinker and said she had to poop. We were near nothing. Thank goodness for the froggie potty, that I brought along for a moment just like this. But she only peed a little. She just likes to control the situation. 

We were 90 minutes from home and we had to take an hour stop at a playground. So close, but so done. 

We got home Saturday and Grandma has spent the last few days with us. Wade is in heaven. Everyone loves Grandma, but this kid is positive that she's here just for him. They're been playing game after game - which we're realizing he needs to learn to play games with rules and learn to lose sometimes. He drew a picture for Grandma of them holding hands and it's my favorite, too bad it's going home in Grandma's suitcase. He said he's really going to miss her, but that he knows Papa Billa needs her home. 

Now, a word on my Jacqueline. Do have to call her mine? Let's call her Bryan's and blame her ill behavior somehow on him. She's been throwing tantrum in the middle of the night because she wants to sleep in our bed. Saturday night she went to sleep, then woke up around midnight and threw a 5 hour tantrum. I don't mean that we'd get her down and then she'd wake back up, no. This was a solid 5 hours straight. Well, last night she topped this ridiculous feat. SEVEN HOURS! We had to move Blake to Wade's room for safety reasons. She screamed, tore sheets of her bed, pulled every piece of furniture over. These aren't night terrors, because we can calm her down, but if we try to leave or put her back in bed it ramps right back up. We finally locked her in a closet. She was safe and so was everyone else. She had to calm down in there and I then went back to her room and I think around 5:30 she fell back asleep. Today she woke up at 8:30, didn't take a nap and was fine. She didn't act overly tired, wasn't more of a grouchy two year old than normal. Most obnoxious behaviors of my children is normal - frustrating, but lots of parents deal with similar issues, this one I feel uniquely plagued with. I hope we get back to normal real quick. 

We're having a problem with Wade saying stupid. Interesting how much we apparently say it. I think I'm going to consciously say ridiculous instead and hopefully he'll pick up on that and I'll have a cute little four year old saying things are so ridiculous. But that doesn't happen, does it. They only pick up the stupid habits. 

Grandma was just hugging Wade and said, "goodnight, now go jump into bed!" and Wade said, "Well, first you have to let go of me!" and he started laughing so hard and kept laughing as I tucked him in. He'd regain composure and then start cracking up again. 

My mom was only here for a few days, but we were busy! We went to the thrift store (obviously) and picked up a bunch of books (that's our new favorite thing to do) and we worked in the yard. I was showing her the cute sand pit I put in and where I planned to do raised beds, but I was worried because the raised beds wouldn't be in the best sun - the best run was the same spot as the sand pit, which was actually annoying because my kids got too hot! Well, she suggested and then we implemented moving the sandpit to where I planned to put my garden and to put my garden where the sand pit is...was. It made sense, but it's so hard to tear up the one piece that is looking okay. But it ended up not taking too long and it's so cute and getting in the raised garden beds will actually be easier - so in the long run it equals less work. But we also made little tunnels that will have vines on them next year. And got my wood tier in the front. Told you we were busy. Any dirty. Oh, and my mom would like me to mention the humidity and her hair. 

I have so many places to plant plants now - my mind is already ready for spring. 

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