2018 chapter 36: September 5

This week has been a whirlwind. Or maybe more like a hurricane. One where the eye never passes over you, so you don't get a moment of reprieve, you just keep getting pelted in the face and your roof gets torn off.

Side note, only not really side, because it's totally related: gave up Dr. Pepper for the month. So that's the constant undertone of the hurricane. I haven't lost my resolve, but this month hasn't exactly kicked off smoothly.

I got released from my calling in young women's in my ward. The whole presidency got reorganized. They said that they've been feeling the need to do it for a while, but we were only in there for 16 months, so we must've been doing really poor. Obviously I know that's not it. I loved working with the Mia Maids. I called them my Mia Maids. I basically went though the grieving process as I accepted this shift. My reward for getting booted out of my favorite calling ever where I felt like I really connected with the girls? Gospel Doctrine teacher. I actually asked the bishopric member if he was sitting behind me and heard me say that's the calling I never want! Also, during third hour we all bore our testimonies and had to say bye to the youth - that wasn't hard! I can't just like, leave? But it was so great, and then I got a big ol' group hug from my 14 Mia Maids, and it was lovely.
Silver lining: the YW room is ridiculously cold, the furnace to that side of the building is screwy. So I will no longer need a coat in summer and full snow gear in the winter. And, as Bryan pointed out, at least I'll be teaching Old Testament this year, no one knows it really well so I have a lot of info I can share, whereas teaching the Book of Mormon is like "so who can tell me about the stripling warriors" and then you hear crickets chirping cause it's too no brainer.

Last week I said my hip was hurting and spreading down into me leg. Turns out I pulled my hamstring. Bending down hurts. Sitting hurts. Sitting down hurts more. Getting up hurts. Laying in bed is nice. Just standing and walking are okay. That's the other undertone of every rough thing this week. Pain. Pain and no Dr. Pepper.
Silver lining: I can't go running. Now I have an excuse as opposed to just being lazy...which is my usual situation. Oh, and that ibuprofen is a thing.

My car starting idling funny mid-week. Then, going into the three day holiday weekend, the transmission light came on. After a day home bound, my brother in law (a real car guy. He studied automotive engineering) said I should be okay to drive on it a little. So told the stir crazy kids (after one day!) that we needed to go to the grocery store and then the park. While driving it beeped at me that it was over heating and, luckily, we were right next to a park and we pulled in there to await rescue. The port-a-potty was fiercely smelly and the only shade was downwind from it.
Silver lining: Wade was the only one who had to go potty, so I told him to pee in a bush and we avoided the rank port-a-potty. We were stranded at a park. I had lots of snacks and water in my car. And that I have the best friend that rescued us, since Bryan's car can't fit our whole family anyway.

Us stranded:

Got a quote today for the car. $3,000. It's only worth like $6k and we were planning to get something new in the next year. So I feel extra thrilled. about throwing money into a car that is on it's way out anyway. Good timing.
No silver lining. Just gathering storm clouds. There's anti-freeze in the oil and about a 20% chance that even after the expensive fix, the engine might be shot to crap. Bring on the party.
Oh wait, there is a silver lining. There is always a silver lining. Trav and Candice have a truck that they use just for projects that they're letting us borrow and all three car seats fit in it. And my kids think it's just the coolest to drive in Travi's truck.

My BlendTec broke. Second one I've gone through. The blade just totally detached. Saddest part was that it was Sunday and I was blending strawberries and the last of the lemonade and it spilled out. Wasted.
Silver lining: it's under warranty. And that I feel oddly cool that I'm so hard core about blending stuff that I broke two. Like, I must be really healthy. Y'know, cause people make health smoothies with blenders. I mean, I mainly use mine for ice cream shakes, adding strawberries and extra sugar to lemonade, and making crepe batter. But sometimes I make smoothies.

Today we got free lunch from Chick-Fil-A! Love that place. As my kids came in and set up camp in the booth I went to order and heard myself quietly yelling, "Stop yelling about your butt! People are trying to eat, they don't want to hear about you butt." Which just sent them into a fit of giggles, cause mom said butt twice in public. Which, at least they stopped yelling about their butts.

Wade is really into this things called the Grocery Gang. Their these weird little rubber trash toys. We're not surprised. I thought he discovered them on their way out, but turn out my kid is quite hip and they're actually on their way in - judging by the fact that Costco has huge bags of them for sale as a Halloween candy alternative, they're right along side Shopkins. Well Nana was here and bought them for Wade. He's on a high. And last night he was talking to me all about them and told me, while he giggled from the bottom of his belly, all about his favorite. His #1 is the taco butt. Seized the opportunity I saw and sang him "Twinkle, Twinkle, Taco Butt" as his bed time song and I had to stop so he could breath between giggle fits.

Today Jacqueline went to the bathroom, but before she set her shoes on a chair and made sure I was looking her right in the eye and said, "No one toucha my shoe. Okay!" Then she ran off to go potty. I had Blake as I did her hair, she was no where near the shoes, and she yells, "I toucha Jacqueline's shoes!!!!" Just to taunt her! Then Jac's yelling, "NOOOOOO!" form the bathroom and Blake looked at me and grinned.

I went thrift shopping on Labor Day and scored so many kids clothes. Jacqueline was in heaven as I folded laundry and she could pick out the exciting new things. She really makes buying things so fun (as if I don't already find it fun), but then she dresses herself and look ridiculous, while Blake doesn't care when it's new, but also let's me dress her so she's cute. Not drawing any conclusions there, just spouting off randoms. This outfit consists of shorts, two skirt, an inside out dress and lots of dress up jewelry - which, when you're three, is just jewelry. This is her seventh outfit that morning.

Wade's been busy building tents. To be very clear, they are not forts. He keeps coming up and asking "Can I use a few clothes pins?" And now I need to buy more clothes pins, cause they've officially been pilfered by Wade to never return. Oh, and if you're cold, go put on a sweatshirt, the blankets are in use. 

After all my complaints, I have a non-hurricane, don't even need to find the silver lining thing that happened this week: I went to the Taylor Swift concert! It was ridiculously fun. Right before she came out I got the nervous/excited feeling where I couldn't hold still and was downright giddy. I don't know if I've ever been outright giddy. I realized I've been listening to T.Swift for over a decade! We were in the nosebleeds, but it was a good show even from the high altitude. Went with friends and I found a finger puppet in their car on the way up there, we named him Timmy and he was in every pictured.

I took a video of Timmy while there was a ton of fire balls and fireworks, and his creepy face kept lighting up. So stupid, but I laugh so hard every time I see it. 

My sister in law told me that Goodwill had some Target last season flats for the girls. Went with my kids and mother in law and left them in the car. Couldn't find the shoes, but saw this tree from across the room and it was love at first sight. I figured it would be pricey, but no, $10 and I had a 25% off coupon. So I walked back to the truck with a whole tree instead of two little pairs of shoes. 

And, then, waaaaaay more exciting. My real plants! 

Zinnia's from my garden: 

This begonia that I grew from seed. Er, root. Finally decided to bloom. 

And then these fiddle leaf figs and snake plants that I'm propagating. Do you see those roots?!?! I might love my plants too much. Jac took a new leaf off one of my plants and got put in time out. Don't mess with my plants, girl! 

And I leave you with these happy little tendrils. 

Oh, wait. I forgot one more fly on the crap pile. Bryan just got extended a calling tonight. In his new calling he'll have meetings every Thursday night...during Thursday night football. He got the call hours after finding out the car bill. Life is pushing him down and taking his candy. And, just to be sure to make everything about me, Thursday night is my free night during football season, we were both looking forward to this! 

Well, now my leg has gotten good and stiff and tight, so let me just take a minute to stand up while I wince and grimace, then I'll hobble upstairs and by the time I get to the top I'll be okay, but then I'll have to sit down on my bed. 31 going on 87.

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