2018 chapter 35: August 29

We've got a couple of three year olds in that house!! Bryan told Wade that Jac and Blake were three and Wade said, "No they're not. Their voices haven't changed." Bryan asked what he meant and Wade said, "They still have their stupid two year old voices." Where does he come up with this stuff? I made a huge balloon cloud monstrosity to go over the table. It fell down a few minutes into dinner, I was asking a lot of a few command strips, and gravity was against me. The girls thought it was all part of it. 

These pictures will always remind me how much Jac needed a hair cut. Growing out bangs is no joke, even on a three year old. 

The girls got play make up and have spent countless hours applying it. They also got a tea set, which means that there are puddles all over my house and all my towels are constantly wet. Today I let them drink out of their tea cups at lunch at is was pretty much the coolest. 

They also got some nail polish. Not fake. I made the mistake of leaving it within their reach...within Jacqueline's reach. Time and again I am grateful that I have so much hard flooring. She made her a toddler version of long wear lipstick. She kept seeing herself in the mirror and telling me how pretty she is. 

In the car the kids have been really into red and green lights. Wade's always saying the options of if we're going to make it through a light or not. Yesterday he kept saying, "I don't know if we're going to make it! Or if we won't. I think we'll either make it or we won't make it. Right, mommy?" Covering all your bases there buddy. 

It already feels like fall here. We went out and took some pictures the other day. My kids are the worst subject. As my friend pointed out, they figure they never listen to me anyway, so why would they when I'm trying to take their picture? So I just try to direct them to have fun in the same spot and capture them doing their thing. 

Their "thing" included gathering acorns.

Blake came upstairs to me in bed to cuddle. She got all situated and nestled up to me, then said, "Where my blankie? Where my milk?" I told her they were downstairs. She laid back down and said, "You go get it."

Jac's been freaking out over bugs recently. The other day I heard her shriek upstairs and come running down saying, "There a bug in my HOUSE! It land on my arm! In my hair! BUG!!" Then today she came to me with wet hair and I asked her why, she told me cause there was a fly in it...like that explains everything. 

Naps are back. So thankful we're back on that train! I don't know how they lived during this summer, nixing naps and going to bed so late - but the sun is going down earlier and they're going to bed earlier. Phew. So much relief. This picture makes me laugh. Big ol' bed and they're snuggled right up next to each other. 

Last night I went upstairs to find these little goobers in my bed. Little stinkers know this isn't allowed. Many battles have been fought to keep this from happening. But, they also went to bed without any hassling from us, so I guess I'm okay with it...don't tell them that! 

It's back to school next week and my girls are going to miss their friend Liam! He's always such a good sport and at least pretends to love their attention. I feel the pull of back to school and the excitement and I have to remind myself that my kids aren't going to school and my life will not change on Tuesday. Maybe I'll just do some back to school shopping to make up for it. Only, again, no ones going back to school...so I guess it's just called shopping. 

I swear my kids have figured out that they outnumber me. The only thing keeping me in power is that I have the power of the candy - but even that I no longer have a tight grip on, cause they have combined powers to somehow reach anything. It's hard to go out right now, but then we're bouncing off the walls here. Just complaining here. Not funny spin on it. Just complaints. 

A house down the road from us got hit by lightning! We were home and it was sooo loud and bright! And then lots of emergency vehicles. It all went down right at nap time and all my kids were looking out the girls window upstairs. Naps were difficult that day; doesn't help that I abandoned them and went down the street to check it out. The owners were at work and the firefighters got their doggies out. All that matters. 

I shot my first wedding on Saturday! It went really well. I am deep in the editing process. Bryan came with me, his main job was to take pictures of the groom face when he saw the bride and, I kid you not, he forgot to take the pictures!! He moved to the side for a groomsman and forgot to get back behind the camera!! Haha. Dork. I am so tired. Maybe that's why I'm feeling exhausted with my kids? Also, I hurt my hip. And threw my back out. I am apparently elderly. Sheesh, back to the complaints! I know that seems unrelated, but the stress has gotten to me and the day after the wedding my body fell apart! But, photography a wedding was amazing and I just want to get better and get better equipment. Getting a great shot is so rewarding and I found myself tearing while editing, especially the ones of the bride with her dad, they're my favorite.

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